The Anvil, Bournemouth


Saturday night at the Anvil is always a good laugh, beer, mates, beer and good live music. On the 28th we were also spoilt for choice with five killer bands blasting out tunes.

First band on was Southampton’s Desolator, traditional thrash metal played with bundles of enthusiasm but their technique needs a little work. Not many people were watching but those who were couldn’t help but get sucked in with their Nuclear Assault type riffs.


Desolator 123

Terrathorn, also from Southampton, show how it’s done! With breakneck riffs, kick ass hooks and tighter than an Olympic archers bowstring. Singer James Hayball is a whirlwind of movement, arms and legs falling around like he is trying to take off. Good live set and show, one to watch.


Terrathorn 12345

Local boys Furyborn upped the level again with their melodic death metal style. Playing with new guitarist Rob “Chug” Walker and with new tunes aired, they tore shit up and left us begging for more.


Furyborn 123456

Divine Chaos upped the ante even more, although the crowd was sluggish at first, things soon got going with mosh pits and even a wall of death, which in the Anvil basement venue is…interesting!

Divine Chaos
Divine Chaos 12345

Xerath took it to boiling point, a frontal assault from the symphonic metal bruisers. The audience are up for it and the whirlwind headbanging is brushing the floor clean! Christopher Clark on bass plays with unbridled ferocity and Owain Williams technical dexterity on guitar has some of the crowd spellbound. For me the mark of a good performance is how quickly it passes, example band not great, time drags. Band good, time flies, so; Xerath = warp factor 9. The intricate rhythms from drummer Michael Pitman has heads banging in unision. Lead singer Richard Tompson has the crowd in the palm of his hand and put in a great vocal performance. He endears the band even more at the end of the gig by saying “Here’s to all the bands that played better than us tonight”.


Xerath 1234567

Once again the Anvil has done Bournemouth proud with an excellent show and a great night.

Words and photos by Dan O’Gara.