Eat Defeat

Released today, 27th September, Yorkshire Punks Eat Defeat release their album “Challenges”. Kicking off with “Self Help…” which has an intro right out of the Blink 182 songbook and has a hard-hitting fast paced tempo. There’s elements of Sum41 also – I’m guessing a large influence here. More personal lyrics abound the entire song and theres a great middle 8 before the big singalong at the end.

Going for the jugular “Self Help” is a fast-paced anthemic number. Some ferocious hitting is matched only by some angular guitar work and some clear “shouty” vocals. It’s fast and furious stuff with some slightly personal lyrics to it – your classic 3 minute Punk song. “The Independant Thought Alarm” starts with the big anthem, before going all ska/punk on us. The ferocious hitting continues with some classic Punk guitars, it’s a song big on energy and one imagines a live favourite. “Rise Above” (in my opinion) should have been titled “So Here We Are”, but that’s my only criticism. It’s clearly a personal song about musical progression. Self analysis clearly not wasted within this band on this, the standout track on the LP; and I feel another live favourite with its easy to learn chorus “so here we are…..”.

Eat Defeat

“JFDI” comes in all Rock, before morphing once more into Ska/Punk. One can really understand at this point where the LP title comes,the song lends itself to a theme of “challenge” within the band and career path. More straight up in yer face vocal delivery and frenetic drumwork, accompanied by some big Rock fretwork in places. “Equal Wrongs” stays in the same vein with some even bigger guitar and bass. The anthemic vocals return as do the thumping drums. I find the lyrics take the personal form and are delivered with real meaning and feelings. “Get It Together” remains in the “arena” of personal feelings and like the previous song is angry in places. “Faithbreaker” smacks you in the face with its anthemic vocal part at the beginning, before toeing the ska/punk line. There’s a great middle 8 and some intricate chord changes before another anthemic vocal part in the middle. Lyrically a challenge to the “good book” maybe, but you get the feeling these guys mean every word of it! “Who Benefits” is a song about making life changes. The vocal delivery is clear and clean while the music is reminiscent of the current crop of Britsh Punk bands. “Say Goodbye (To Sandwich World)” is Eat Defeats take on the life ahead of them. If theres one clear theme on this LP its one of struggle-struggle to succeed maybe,struggle for acceptance maybe-hence a working title of “Challenges”. For a debut this is a fine body of work. Punk or ska/punk,you the listener decide. Either way a competent anthemic debut.

Eat Defeat

“Challenges” can be purchased from here.

Self Help (For The Helplessly Selfless)
The Independant Thought Alarm
Rise Above
Equal Wrongs
Get It Together
Who Benefits
Say Goodbye (To Sandwich World)


Sep. 27th LEEDS, Santiagos
Sep. 28th LONDON, The Birds Nest
Sep. 29th HASTINGS, The Tubman
Sep. 30th IPSWICH, The Royal Oak
Oct. 1st CANTERBURY, The Beer Cart Arms
Oct. 2nd SHEFFIELD, West Street Live
Oct. 3rd MANCHESTER, Gullivers
Oct. 4th HUDDERSFIELD, The Parish
Oct. 5th BEDLINGTON, The Bank Top
Oct. 6th NEWCASTLE, The Head of Steam
Oct. 7th YORK, Stereo
Nov. 5th LEEDS, The Cockpit (With Sonic Boom Six and Imperial Leisure)


Words by Ross A. Ferrone.

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