Inferno, Bournemouth

Kentucky Fight Club

It’s Saturday night,its still warm for the time of year and the Inferno is still largely empty when first act Liability take to the “stage”. This band start the evening off nicely with a mix of covers and originals.

The mood is one of fun as they don’t keep still for a minute,taking time to play amongst an ever growing crowd. The Levellers “15 Years” gets us singing along early on, this I feel is their “territory”. Liability do a fine line in “acoustic/crusty/punk” material. Lee and Paul have been on the circuit for a couple of years now and their confidence shows. Just as the other bands and their respective entourages arrive, Liability end with a rampant singalong with “Drunken Sailor” which many of the crowd join in on and are in fine voice. A great start to what turns out to be an entertaining evening! And so onto Shit! Now, where on earth do I start.


Liability 12

Singer Bert (yes that guy from Mr Kyps) is sporting a rather fetching dressing gown looking like a cross between a crusty unwashed festival goer and a pathetic excuse of someone from the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, while Bob Fletcher (double bass) is decked out in all manner of hippy colours. Craig (from Mountain Feet) seems somewhat underdressed in “normal” clothes with some rather dodgy shades! Add to that a percussionist with a “drum” kit made up of all sorts of household objects including a commode and a kettle style barbecue lid!!! But what of the music I hear you ask? Comedy, piss-taking ditties with controversial titles.


Shit 123

They open with a “song” called “I Like Piss”, I’m pissing myself literally! “Suck and Blow” comes next, make your own minds up without me getting too graphic! The “shit” songs keep on coming. “Coffin Dodger” takes a dig at the elderly, “Ham” is funnily enough about an old mouldy piece of ham, and live favourite “Poo Piss Bum Willy Tit Wank” which gets everyone singing/smiling/laughing etc. For a band who claim to be worse than Jethro Tull (Bert’s words), tonight’s crowd are lapping it up. The comedy continues with “Keep Britain Tidy” and “DC Song”. The band end on “Rape Song” and I’m sure Mary Whitehouse would be turning in her grave just at the thought of a band like this playing in a public place! The band take the applause for their set on what has been simply shit – but isn’t that the point?! Humour is alive and well in Bournemouth! Whatever you do though don’t ever bring your Mum, Granny or your children to see “Shit” as I’m sure you will live to regret it.

Kentucky Fight Club
Kentucky Fight Club 123

Last up are local Cow Punkers KFC. Singer/Bassist “Ski” and Harry (mandolin) are in nice uniform matching shirts tonight while “Big W” (drums) is in civvies at the back. KFC open confidently with the Black Eyed Peas cover “I Gotta Feeling” promising that “tonight would be a good night”, to good applause, putting their own very original Rockabilly style into it. They then play a set of originals with some frenetic drumming from “W” behind some strained, yet confident vocals from Harry. While not an aficionado of this genre I can happily say KFC can write a song. “Silver Surfer” is a highlight, as is “Mild, Mild West”. Sadly their Hoedown music seems lost on this largely student crowd. This doesn’t bother “Kentucky Fight Club” as they carry on regardless just really enjoying performing. More frenetic drumming and some shape shifting from “Ski” make this an entertaining end to the evening. Three great bands of very differing styles,each entertaining in their own way.

Kentucky Fight Club Set List
I Gotta Feeling
Silver Surfer
Mild Mild West
In These Shoes
Paradise City
BBq Beast
Cornfield Cadillac
Rocky County Hills
Immigrant Song
The New KFC



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Review by Ross A Ferrone.
Pictures and Videos By Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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