Velvet Star

Bursting out of Yorkshire comes Velvet Star with their latest EP “All Or Nothing”. Formed back in 2007 this quintet are not about to take prisoners in their wake with this EP. Describing themselves as “sort of Glam/Punk but essentially just good rock”.

The EP is bursting with energy, and infectious riffs, pounding drums whose sole purpose seem to be to get your foot tapping. The whole EP strike me as one for the mosh pit. Opening with “Bring It On” you can feel the band egging the audience on. With it’s great hooks, guitar riffs, and thumping beat. The energy and enthusiasm flows straight into “Crash and Burn”. Which continues the pounding beats, and guitars, and even a little vocal warbling akin to some “mid” Marilyn Manson. By the time the third track, “Overrated” kicks in I imagine the crowd exploding, with it’s guitar riffs, drums, vocals telling you that you are overrated.

Velvet Star

I want to write more, but I am not sure what else there is to say! This is not an EP of identical tracks, but they showcase the band expertly with their enthusiasm, and energy. These guys should be destined for big things, and have made it onto the BBC website last November.

Velvet Star

If their live shows are anything like this EP then their audiences must be knackered at the end of the gig.

Due for release on the 29th October, and will be available online from Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify. As well as HMV, and Play.

Line Up
Danny Jones – vocals
Corey Jones – Bass
Ginna – Drums
Mewsy – Lead Guitar
Robbie G. – Rhythm Guitar

Track Listing
Bring It On
Crash and Burn
Glad You’ve Gone


Words by Jon.

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