One of the joys of running a music web-site is you get music! (watch me join the dots here!) Sometimes too much lands on your desk, and it is hard to get through it all. Sometimes you get good, and sometimes you get bad. Thankfully here at RockRegen, we get more good than bad! So here we have “Moments of Magnitude” the third release by SjW, who hail from London, driven by Simon White who is also the songwriter and lyricist for the group.

I was a little taken aback by this album. It has a large sound. Not just big. But large. I could start quoting from Hitchhikers here! Okay, I turned the car stereo up to blot out road noise. But the album wants to be played loud (I am assuming that is what the “Magnitude” bit refers to in the title!). We are talking stadium old school rock. Not necessarily Kiss loud, but loud nonetheless.


The album has an old school prog rock feel, particularly Rush, about it – the pretension or grandious nature of an age gone past is there. And this feeling grows with subsequent plays, and yet maintains a modern uniqueness to it. But this album is not a new “relic”, but an album with a modern feel. From the almost 90’s electronic rock sound of “Is This _”, to the guitars on “Heavy Cargo”, to the feel of “You”, all combined seamlessly. Closing with “The Hero & The Tragedy” you are left feeling exhilarated.


Formed in 2006, with this being their third album, these guys wear their credentials, and influences on their sleeves, and they do it with pride. And it shows. The album is easily accessible, with great hooks, and a variety of styles. For those of you who like a bit of variety, and dare I say experimentation, in their rock, then check out this album.

Now to get back on the Motorway so I can play it again…

Line Up
Bassist/Vocalist – Simon james White (SjW)
Guitar – Mitch Gasser (guitar)
Drums – Tom Price (drums)

Track Listing
Constant Motion
Is This _
By The Way
Heavy Cargo
The Heel
Chasing Time
We Pretend
Distant Rider
The Hero & The Tragedy


Words by Jon.

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