Released earlier this year, nothing like keeping your finger on the pulse, a group from Northampton called Code500 released their debut E.P. Red Flag. A stunning piece of work for a debut E.P.

With soft, almost ethereal, lyrics, an electronica/trip-hop soundscape, fused together with some electric guitar you might be getting close to the sound of Code500. For me it is Chris’s vocals that set the E.P. apart from other ventures into rock fused soundscapes (to be honest I cannot think of any direct comparisions) (suggestions on a postcard!). I feel in places a vibe in sync with Future Sound Of London, but again it is the vocals that set this apart. Perhaps even a nod to Pink Floyd.

These days a lot of bands are easy to pidgeon hole, or feel the need to be labelled. I am not sure this is a priority or a concern for Code500, I certainly get the impression that they don’t feel they have the need to produce a hit single. But would rather focus on good music, not trends, or market desires.


“Red Flag” is for me a predominantly electronica in it’s sound, perhaps even experimental. I almost thought they were folk orientated from the opening few seconds. This was soon dispelled, and brings to me a joy of listening to the unknown for the first time, and highlights why I do very little research prior to the first listen. I love the surprise, and I got this from the E.P., with rock guitars underlying some of the tracks, the trance elements fusing to melodies, strong yet subtle rhythms pulling it together.

The EP is a well engineered piece of work, and for debut E.P., with its many layers, it is truly immersive. Not to mention quite long, with all the tracks over 5 minutes in length, the E.P. seems to fly by.

This should see Code500 at the start of great things, and an album in the same vein would be a work of art. I can’t wait.

The EP is available to buy from Amazon.

Line Up
Chris Pettifer – Lead Vocals, Lyrics, Guitars, Production
Matt Round – Guitars, Backing Vocals, Programming, Production
Paul Foreman – Keys, Hammond Organ, Korg
Jack McCutcheon – Bass, Engineering, Co- Production
Dhiren Basu – Guitars
Russ Cooper – Percussion

Track Listing
Red Flag
Trips To Heaven
Dazed and Confused


Words by Jon.

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