Near Light

Near Light have a new self-titled EP recently released. This 4 piece from Bournemouth describe themselves as “post rock” – now I am never to sure what “post” means when tagged on a genre. I assume it means newer, not quite the same, something has progressed, moved on, or evolved.

What does all that mean in terms of this EP? Certainly the EP has a very laid back feel to it, not necessarily what I would consider rock, and definitely not what I was expecting. But what really makes this stand out for me is the fact it is purely instrumental. They have managed to create a terrific soundscape that takes you away to somewhere else, and assuming the mood is right, helps you relax.

With it’s delicate sounds, and gentle crescendos, this is a very atmospheric EP, almost orchestral. With the opening track “For Lucie” there is an overriding sense that something is not quite right, a feeling you are witnesing a private moment. This flows on through to the title track which opens up and almost lifts you up from the almost contemplative feel of “For Lucie”.

Followed by “This Place Is My Home” the energy grows, but is a constantly underpinned with that contemplative feel, and you feel like it is held back. Kept under control so to speak. This is followed by a short untitled track which flowed seemlessly that I did not notice the track change!

Near Light

Closing with “In Darkness, You Were my Light”, the longest track of the EP, I was left wanting to play the EP again, just see what I might have missed. Perhaps understand the flow, or try and see the seems between tracks.

Every part of this EP seems to flow seamlessly, from the gentle guitar work, to the piano sections, and the wonderfully timed drums. All 5 tracks are beautifully layered for a very and atmospheric journey. The EP cries out to be a soundtrack, and at just over 25 minutes in length, would in itself be an ideal candidate for it’s own short.

Fancy some “Post Rock”? Dim the lights, kick back, and let your mind go on a journey with “Sheltered From The Storm” as your guide.

Line Up
Matt Sims – Guitars
Mikey Davies – Drums, Programming
Rory Dickinson – Bass, Synths
Steve Sims – Guitars

Track Listing


Words by Jon.
Definition by WikiPedia…

“Post-rock is a subgenre of rock music characterized by the influence and use of instruments commonly associated with rock, but using rhythms and “guitars as facilitators of timbre and textures” not traditionally found in rock. Post-rock musicians often produce instrumental music.”

…all makes sense now!

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