Minor Characters

Bournemouth’s “Minor Characters” are a band that has been bought together through the great community that surrounds the local Bournemouth music scene. The band had their first ever live outing back in August at Chaplin’s Cellar Bar in Boscombe. They feature Martin Ruddock on guitar/vocals (Hipster/Mirrorball), Angus Rudd on guitar/vocals (Henry’s Photograph, Brave Mariner, Powdered Cows) with Ed Pope on bass (Mutant Vinyl, Cellar Creeps, Country Hospital), and Paul “Dixie” Harley who were both bought in for the live performance. The band have just released their new debut 9 track album “First”.

The album have been loving created by two guys that have a massive passion for what they do and are more than happy to experiment pushing the musical boundaries. It would have been very easy to record these songs with just the usual guitars, bass and drums, but what makes this record so special is the way that the artists have layered different types of instruments into the mix to make for a very interesting and pleasing sound. Instruments such as the Lap Steel, Sitar and the Mellotron give the sound something that echoes what The Beatles were trying to create on albums like “Revolver”.

Minor Characters

The songs are all very well crafted with some really great song writing that shows varying far out styles such as “She Wants To Dress Like Napoleon” and “They Don’t Know (About My Spaceship)”. The simple love story shown on “No Bus Today”, a very heart warming song about someone’s efforts to get to a loved one despite weather and transport problems, the songs gives the listener licence to give the story further thought on how things might move on from here. Further stand out songs include a tribute to the late Bob Welch of “Fleetwood Mac” in “What Would Bob Welch Do” and “There’s A Storm” featuring the local Bournemouth based lyric “whales are on the Wessex way and the Beach Boys are flying overhead”.

Minor Characters

The album I dare to say is possibly one of the finest local albums I have I come across in a very long while, it has virtually every I could ask for in a record, great songs with excellent lyrics and music that takes your further and further with each listen. The album has a very 60’s feel with obvious influences from early Pink Floyd, The Byrds and The Beatles. In this day and age of the download, it is sad to say most people will listen to this on an ipod or mp3 player, a recording like this would sound so much sweeter on vinyl played through speakers on a good old fashioned record player, perhaps one day if it takes off I will get my wish.

Get your copy of the album here.

Track Listing
1- Hanging On By The Nails
2- She Wants To Dress Like Napoleon
3- No Bus Today
4- Don’t Walk Away From Me
5- {The Drone}
6- What Would Bob Welch Do
7- They Don’t Know(About My Spaceship)
8- There’s A Storm
9- Glad It’s Over

Album Personnel
Martin Ruddock/vocals, rhythm and lead guitars, bass, mellotron, lap steel, sitar
Angus Rudd/vocals, rhythm and lead guitars, drums, bass, organ, mellotron

No Bus Today

Hanging On By The Nails

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