The Peacocks

Straight out of Switzerland comes the new album, “Don’t Ask”, by The Peacocks, and it’s like a lock in at your local pub. From the moment its bassline kicks off, the guitar comes in, and the vocals sneer out “What I Want”, all the way to the end with “I Shouldn’t Bring Up What I Can’t Put Down”, you know you are in for a good time! There is no mistaking the rockabilly stylings, the hefty dollop of psychobilly, rhythms, and cracking bass line, and annoylingly catchy melodies.

The Peacocks

The punk rock sensibilities and with Hasu’s clean, yet almost raw, vocals give you now doubt about their influences. From the old school rock and roll, The Stray Cats, all fused together brilliantly. Couple these with the great lyrics, used to comedic effect in places, yet amusingly appropriate at times.

The obvious psychobilly bassline on “Re-Hash Boogie”, and the catchy “Up and Down” – which is not the only one of the tracks on this album which would have the whole crowd singing along at a live show. The whole album possesses a really infectious beat, and simply just fun to listen to! talking of catchy check out “The Girl Is In Trouble and The Boy’s In Panic”.

I managed to listen to the album about 3-4 times today, and I didn’t tire of it once. These guys are obviously enjoying what they do, and they do it expertly, and amusingly, as demonstrated on “It’s all A Lot Of Bollcks”.

The Peacocks

If these guys were playing in your local then I would expect that they would raise the roof off! The band have been about for around 20 years now, and it shows. The tracks are tight, and the album flows well. Maybe this will, deservedly, propell them into the limelight.

The Peacocks

Released on October 8th this is worth tracking down and slapping on you ‘pod.

Line Up
Hasu – Vocals & Guitar
Adi – Drums
Simon – Bass

Track Listing
What I Want
Need A Break
All I’ve Got Is What You See
Don’t Pretend To Care When You Don’t Care
Re-Hash Boogie
Up and Down
It’s All A Lot Of Bollocks
How Did They Do That
With You
The Girl Is In Trouble and The Boy’s In Panic
Nothing Left To Sing
How Long
The Long Way Home
I Shouldn’t Bring Up What I Can’t Put Down


Words by Jon.
Photos nabbed of their website, and taken by Marko Hämäläinen.