Vulture Kult

Old school hard rock. Modern attitudes. Storming second album.

The lazy bit of me says job done. Short, succint, efficient.

Not that simple though…

This is a cracking album, from the blistering opening “Electric Medication”, the heavy guitars, and those vocals. Got any ills, then the Doctor should prescribe this. In my mind Hans has a sound somewhere between AC/DC and Ozzy (cue; corrections, comments, critisiscms, and complaints!). And what I find even more amazing is that this full bodied hard rock and roll sound comes from a 2 piece. They have captured it all perfectly, they can be sleazy, they are raging, the hard rock, the metal, the chunky riffs. It is all here, and not a smidge of cheesy cliche.

Vulture Kult

However, with me ranting and raving about 2 blokes producing a cracking hard rock album, things take an interesting turn for the last two tracks, with “Movie of Me” reminding my of early Pink Floyd whimsy, totally laid back track, and almost bi-polar to the albums opening. Then closing with “Checking Out”, an instrumental. Both of these tracks coming in at under 2 minutes, slightly out of place, but fitting in. Maybe future material will be slightly off centre?

Vulture Kult

If I had to criticise the album it would be because it is a smidge short. 9 songs coming in at about 27 minutes. But the flipside of that is that it allows you to get through it again and revel in the hard rock all over again!

“Ruin Your Life”? Sorry guys, you just made it better!

Did I mention they are a two piece?!!????!

Line Up
Hans – vocals/guitar
Bradley – drums/vocals

Track Listing
Electric Medication
Don’t Let Rock N’ Roll Ruin Your Life
Vultures From Above
Avenue H
Cyanide Hand Grenades
Go Loose
Welcome to the Land of the Dead
Movie of Me


Words by Jon “ignoring the deadlines, and distance”.

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