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The Deltorers

On a mild October night it’s time for some Grunge! First up are local Alt/Grunge outfit The Deltorers. They open confidently despite the room being relatively empty.

After the impressive openers “Meat Lovers” and “Stone Age” Nathan (guitar/vox) breaks a string, time for a quick fix and a a tune up they resume their set. Nathan doesn’t seem the slight bit perturbed-in fact he seems to grow in confidence,pulling shapes while screaming with intensity. His vocal reminds me a little of Aldershot’s finest “Vex Red”, while retaining the guitar work of many a grunge act.

The Deltorers
The Deltorers 

Brendan (bass) looks nonplussed by it all as he looks across the stage while Matt’s power drums are an ever present feature of their set. While their music is unmistakably Grungey in the main it has a smattering of other influences. The big wall of sound is not unpleasant and they carry it off with gusto. Nathan tells us he’s been to his Grandma’s funeral today,but has sufficiently cheered up now. His chiming chords on “No” are impressive but The Deltorers simply dont have any bad songs. They end confidently with “Drop D” and receive great applause. Definitely a band to out watch out for in the future.

Sepia Daze
Sepia Daze 12

Sepia Daze are up next. This band need no introduction having been around in various guises for a little over 4 years now, despite a changeable line up. Settled on a 4 piece they open with “13” and “Free” to a good response. Decked out in black as they usually are one could be forgiven for thinking they may have ended up as a “Ramones” tribute act, but the similarities end there. While I may have lumped Sepia Daze in with other local Punk bands in the past, tonight’s set takes on a definite rockier edge. For the first time I can actually hear Jordan’s vocals really clearly tonight thanks to Mr. Kyps usually excellent soundman. Rowan (guitar) growls “we bring you the Pots of Death” – spooky! It’s a great song but only the start of his guitar “issues” tonight. Live staple “Somewhere” (Subways) gets a makeover tonight incorporating Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and it works well. Sadly Rowan’s screaming at the end is inaudible tonight but the band make a decent fist of it anyway. Harvii (bass) shoegazes through most of the set but its Damien who impresses us once again with some frenetic stickwork-I could watch him all night such is his ability. On penultimate song “Stop” Rowan’s guitar gives up the ghost and he promptly vaults the barrier and heads for the exit-ad libbing takes a whole new meaning. Jordan at this point looks pissed off but holds it together for set closer “Blind”. Its plain to see Sepia Daze have upped their game. afforded a bigger stage and a sound the the former music venue “Champions” in Bournemouth could have only ever dreamed of, they delivered tonight, despite a few glitches. Expect to see these guys around for a while yet.

Nervana 1234

And so to the headliners. What more can be said than to witness none other than the World’s Premier Nirvana Tribute. Back for their fourth visit they once again blow us away with a brilliant set. Too many great tunes to mention-suffice to say everyone around me is grinning with delight. A tribute act not just musically I defy any Nirvana fan not to be impressed by these guys. “Drain You” and “Bleed” are highlights but there are no lowlights. Singer Johnny joins us at the end before launching his guitar stagewards for the finale. No half measures from Nervana-truly awesome.

The Deltorers
Meat Lovers
Stone Age
Women At The Back
Plastic Gold
‘Heavy One’
Drop D

Sepia Daze
Pots Of Death
Somewhere (Subways cover)


Review and Pictures By Ross A Ferrone.

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