Southampton Guildhall

The Enemy

It’s Sunday night, and it’s time for some great British music over in Southampton.

First up are Essex four piece States of Emotion. These guys open up in a confident manner to tonight’s earlier arrivals. They’re quite unique in the sense that while they have some obvious influences their sound seems very much their own. Adam’s guitars remind me of “Love-era” Cult while Rooster’s vocals have more than a hefty nod towards The Music. Their overall sound is crisp and clear and they receive good applause,especially from a small pocket of fans to my left. Mike (bass) is patrolling the stage in confident manner while Luke (drums) is hitting with power. A great band and recently signed,one can only hope they reach their obvious potential. I for one will be keeping tabs on States of Emotion.

States Of Emotion
States Of Emotion 123

The Antics are tonight’s main support. This Midlands based 5 piece are big in sound and out to make a statement. Currently unsigned I feel this will soon change. This band know how to ‘milk’ an audience. Singer Gaz is urging this crowd into movement and on their 3rd song,a cover of The Farm’s ‘All Together Now’ he gets that response. The Antics take more than a smattering of Happy Mondays and the swagger of Primal Scream to create something all their own. Chris (guitar) is all over this stage smiling throughout, while Sean (bass) just looks cool to the side. Matty (drums) provides the power but its their additional vocalist who catches my eye! She could give Rowetta a run for her money-her vocals are excellent throughout. They too leave to generous applause and they milk it.

The Antics
The Antics 123

And so to Coventry’s finest. When the band released “Streets in the Sky” it definitely marked a shift from their early Mod-leanings to a Punkier sound. On their opening 4 songs tonight its like being at a Punk gig,such is the frenzy in the audience that greets each song. “Gimme A Sign” gets the whole place jumping before “Aggro” keeps the pit moving. Tom (vox/guitar) is in fine voice but its loud in the Guildhall tonight. First big singalong greets the now legendary “Away From Here” and this crowd are really up for it. If throwing your drink bottles stagewards was an olympic sport Southampton would win hands down. Despite this Tom takes it in his stride while dodging the odd missile! Liam (drums) is pounding the skins tonight while Andy (bass) is covering the whole stage all night long.

The Enemy

The Enemy –234

After the anthemic “Saturday” we catch our breath on less “jumpy” tracks like “Like A Dancer”. Halfway through the set Tom stops midsong to remonstrate with two guys squaring up saying ‘there’ll be no fighting at one of my shows alright,you’ll ruin it for me’. Its brave, but has the desired effect. They resume the set. The majority of ‘Streets’ is showcased tonight and the atmosphere is one of a band at their peak. Yes the swagger is still there but they have more than one albums worth of great material to choose from now. Tom thanks the Southampton crowd more than once saying how great they always are and particularly tonight. We respond with good voice and more moshing! The big anthem is not far away in the shape of the customary ‘We’ll Live and Die In These Towns’-everyone in the room is now singing. A totally unexpected cover comes in the shape of ‘Sit Down’ by James which is well received before they end with ‘You’re Not Alone’. The band take a bow before exiting the stage to great applause. A great show enjoyed by many,full of swagger,energy and a band at the top of their game. The sky’s the limit!

Set List
The Enemy
Gimme The Sign
Away From Here
Had Enough
Like A Dancer
Bigger Cages(Longer chains)
Be Somebody
Sing When You Are in Love
It’s A Race
This Is Real
It’s Not Ok
No Time For Tears
2 Kids
This Song

We’ll Live & Die In These Towns
Happy Birthjday Jane
Sit Down(James)
You’re Not Alone


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Review By Ross A Ferrone.
Videos & Pictures by Chinners.

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