Inferno, Bournemouth

Atraxis Vibration

Saturday night at the Inferno in Bournemouth is full on electric bands night and hard working promoter Afro Ninja (Tim Somerfield) has put together two great bands for this evenings entertainment who, although very different, compliment each other very well. The first is local Bournemouth band Brothers Grimmer a now 3 piece band who have the claim that they are possibly the only local band that have their very own dancer. They band members each have all been characterised and have an alter ego names that they adopt when on stage.

They kick off at 9:30pm sharp with a cover of The Jam’s “Start”, the familiar bass lines pull a few people away from the bar to see what all the fuss is all about. The initial cover really throws every one of course as to what this band is all about as the vast majority of their set features their own well crafted material. The band delve into the depths of physchedelia and grunge to find their sound, there is some impressive guitar work from Lee (Empup Grimmer) who shows off with some clever effects on songs such as “Pandora’s Box” and “Whipping Boy” from the band’s 2nd album “The Big Blue Book Of HairyTales”. The rhythm section of Bobo Grimmer (Shaun Wadham) on Bass and the intensely hard hitting Guru Grimmer (Matthew Cleary) on drums cements everything together so well with some real technical excellence.

Brothers Grimmer
Brothers Grimmer 123

All eyes though are on the very energetic dancer Michael Bundell (Macko Gimmer) who shows some really intricate skills on the dance floor right in front of the band, with some acrobatic break dance style moves including body popping and head spinning. This band clearly have a great deal of passion for what they do and put massive amounts of energy into their performance which sadly most of the audience tonight do not really appreciate. They end on a high with their own “Grimmer Dance” which shows “Guru” still dancing and not really even breaking out in a sweat, the audience show some polite applause at the end of the band’s final number.

Since Rock Regeneration reviewed the impressive Ataraxis Vibration Ep (here) back in July we have been waiting for the band to visit one of our local venues so we can witness these songs live after hearing such good things about them. The three piece from Bath certainly did not disappoint, with their natural talents and their inspiring abilities putting on a show of majestic proportions. The audience watched in awe at the rock, blues and funk fusion with vocalist Uvonji Uzele providing some smooth Hendrixesque vocal delivery along with exciting thumb slapping style bass playing.

Atraxis Vibration

Atraxis Vibration 123

The all original set comprised of songs from their debut EP including “Nothing Last’s Forever”, “Bungalow Window” and the self indulgent blues of “One International”. The band showed some amazing professionalism when Adam Kowalski guitar when down, the other two carried on playing as nothing had happened with Adam naturally swapping instruments with no fuss at all rejoining the number seamlessly. The powerful trio formed in 2009 and together have created a well rehearsed band that can out perform most outfits on the live music circuit today. The Inferno witnessed a very special performance here tonight and one hopes that this band will deservedly be playing to much larger audiences in the future, these songs really need to be heard by more people in an acoustic venue fitting this bands excellence.


Review & Pictures by Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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