Sound Circus, Bournemouth

The Story So Far

So for my first visit to Sound Circus it had to be something special right? Well luckily my Sound Circus virginity has been taken by none other than California’s own The Story So Far. Known for their high energy shows fuelled by their outrageously committed fans, this band have recently been announced as tour support for New Found Glory and Less Than Jake this month, so a more intimate run of shows beforehand can’t do them any harm surely?

I rock up to the pounding of Guildford based “hunk rock” band Real Adventures who are giving the PA a proper battering to kick things off. Their passion and aggression is worth sticking around for, but their songs sometimes wonder into the realms of being labelled as “a bit sloppy” and vocally they occasionally seemed optimistic. This may sound a bit cold, but to be fair they definitely held the crowd down with their fierce instrumentals and admirable love of performing.

In all honesty, I was probably just as excited to see the main support for tonight as the headliners, as Gnarwolves have quickly earned a hearty fan base following the release of “CRU”. As the three piece kick into their set, a gathering of fans at the barrier let their passion be known through the buckets of enthusiasm put into shouting the bands lyrics back at them. Thom and Charlie feed off of the crowd’s energy and deliver a mind blowing vocal performance, as their hard hitting riffs captivate the audience. This band have every factor to punk rock down to a tee, and once their fan base has built to the level worthy of a headline tour, I can see them skyrocketing to the top of their genre.

The Story So Far

Now it’s time for the masters; The Story So Far are in the building. As an expectant, packed out venue eagerly eye the stage, the transition from static to electric could never be more potent. As soon as the band kick into their set, their army of fans make sure this will be a special show. After being right at the front for the entire show, I can say from experience that the energy levels were simply off the charts. Crowd surfing, moshing, you name it; it happened. The singalongs are so triumphant that for each chorus I can’t hear a word their front man is saying, but who cares? This is what shows should be about. Who knew such an array of aggression could be catered by warm smiles, it’s a truly bewildering combination but it just works. Elbows in the back of my head, crowd surfers kicking me in the face…yet everyone is still overdosing on punk rock. This band know how to put on a show, and although it would have been nice to hear more of the vocals but that’s just a minor issue. The Story So Far are the finished article, I couldn’t have asked for more.


Words by George Fullerton.

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