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Steel Panther

In December 2011 Steel Panther opened up on the huge UK arena tour featuring metal heavy weights Def Leppard and Motley Crue each night the venues were unusually full early on as fans wanted to check them out, it was rumoured that both Def Leppard and Motley Crue were a little worried at the prospect of following the mighty “Steel Panther”.

Steel Panther started off in the rock clubs of Los Angeles performing cover versions of songs by all their favourite bands such as Van Halen, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Poison, Gun ‘n’ Roses, Kiss, and many more. By 2009 the were named “Best Tribute Band in the Universe” after beating off fierce competition in a contest in California. They have since released two albums “Feel The Steel” and “Balls Out” both full of original compositions with loads of obvious influences there from the world of heavy metal. Tonight the band are three quarters of the way through a sold out UK tour including a final show at prestigious the Hammersmith Odeon in London. Tonight in Southampton the gig sold out well in advance and even the touts are struggling to get their hands on these golden tickets, many of the lucky few have made an extra special effort by arriving in fancy dress fitting of the occasion wearing wigs with headbands as well as the obligatory spandex trousers.

Falling Red

Falling Red 12

The evening is kicked off not by an American but a hand picked British band from northern England called “Falling Red”, the arrive on stage looking a cross between the “Black Veil Brides” and “Paparoach”, they play a style of dirty sleazy rock ‘n’ roll that gets the already excited crowd warmed up even more. The band perform bold high octane fist pumping no nonsense rock and fit the bill perfectly with songs such as “Out Of Control” and their new single “We Are Reckless”. The band do their best to win over the hearts of the audience by sending out free T-Shirts into the crowd, a high spirited version of Kiss’s “Lovegun” gets a few people moving. The most memorable moment of Falling Red’s set was when the band got the willing audience to repeat the lyrics from one of their songs “If You ain’t down with the rock you can fuck off” this was repeated over and over before the band launched into a twin guitar assault of this track from their EP “Hasta La Victoria Siempre”. Although the band played a decent set it is very clear the vast majority of the audience were just biding time until the main attraction arrived!!

Steel Panther
Steel Panther 1234567

After a quick change over along with a few well chosen rock classics played over the P.A to create the right atmosphere, the time had finally arrived for the “Panther” to take to the stage. The stage set up had an air of mystery as it was shrouded completely by a large black curtain, at exactly 9pm the lights dimmed, the intro of “In To The Future” from the “Balls Out” album was played the curtain dropped to the floor and the full production of the elaborate stage set up was in full view. The band were of course still in the dressing room enjoying the trappings of their rock stardom, and a hilarious video of them playing Strip battleships with some scantily clad groupies was shown of the huge video screens. When they eventually made it to the stage the reception from the “Sold Out” crowd was just amazing and as they launched into “Supersonic Sex Machine” you just sensed that it was going to be one of those very special gigs. Steel Panther are the “Spinal Tap” for this age taking the fun out of the whole heavy metal rockstar theme and if this momentum keeps moving, I fully expect to see them to be making their way to Hollywood to be making their own hilarious movie at some stage.

The on stage banter in-between songs was just priceless, the band were taking pot-shots at “One Direction” as well as trying to persuade the pretty female members of the audience to show their boobies, Southampton did seem a bit shy at first but a few will willing girls did oblige and get themselves on the big screen via the special “Titty Cam” much to the delight of the cheering males in the audience. The songs came thick and fast with most stealing guitar rifts from other metal bands, there with bits of Bon Jovi, Van Halen and Motley Crue all over the place, but it was the very clever lyrics that impressed the most, ok virtually all of them are very explicit suitable for over 18’s only but the are equally hilarious and surprisingly catchy prompting audience sing-a-longs during each number. The obligatory mid set momentous guitar solo by guitarist ‘Satchel’ (Russ Parish) was just amazing as well as expertly played, a medley of rifts from loads of classic metal songs he also kept the beat with his foot on the bass drum, a clever man multi tasking…surely not.

During “Party All Day” a large group of excited girls from the audience were invited up on to the stage to dance with singer Michael Star and the rest of the band with hilarious x-rated consequences. One of the many other highlights of the night was “Community Property” where the band picked up their acoustic guitars to sing a stripped down version, the whole of the audience knew every word singing it right back at the band, the video cameras were all pointed to the audience with their excited smiling faces all appearing on the big screen. This is a rock show with everything they had the songs, the production, confetti cannons and the amazing atmosphere, Steel Panther have spent years watching all their favourite metal bands perform and from tonight’s stunning show, they have taken everything they have learned using it to full effect making for one hell of a brilliant night out. I am very sure that they themselves will be selling out Arenas in no time at all, this is for sure got to be one of the best rock gigs of the year……long live Steel Panther!!

Steel Panther
Intro: In The Future
Supersonic Sex Machine
Tomorrow Night
Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)
Asian Hooker
Just Like Tiger Woods
Let Me Cum In
If You Really Love Me
“Guitar Solo”
Turn Out The Lights
It Won’t Suck Itself
Girl From Oklahoma
I Like Drugs
That’s What Girls are For
Party All Day
Death To All But Metal

Community Property
Eyes Of A Panther
17 Girls In A Row

Falling Red
Break Me
How Do You Feel(On Me)
My Little Vice
Lovegun(Kiss Cover)
The Last Kiss Goodbye
Out Of Control
Come On Down
We Are Reckless
Shake The Faith
If You Ain’t Down With The Rock
Long Tall SallY(Little Richard Cover)

Steel Panther

Falling Red

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