On The Rocks, Bournemouth

Midday Committee

It is always great around this time of year to hear about new bands and what sounds are going to be ‘in’ for the coming year. Tonight at On The Rocks there is very varied line up of four very different bands all whom could be creating the sound of 2013.

Kicking of the evening is a great new young band called Near Light, the rumours must of spread of their very original interesting sound as there is quite a crowd to greet them as they take to the stage. The band start in minimal lighting which changes by self controlled floor switches as the set goes on, the four piece use twin guitars with effects that create a large atmospheric sound shape which is really intense. There are no vocals but with the on going wall of sound you honestly really don’t miss the band not having a singer. The band play a 30 minute set of songs mainly from their debut EP 5 track “Sheltered From The Storm” which seems to have it roots set firmly from the 90’s shoegaze scene of which bands like “Ride” and “Slowdive” were a part, are Near Light the “New Wave of shoegaze”. This set was an absolute pleasure to witness and these talented bunch of guys seem to be really on to something here that could take them on a journey, the rest of the audience seemed to agree as the band received plenty of appreciation as they ended.

Near Light

Near Light 12

Next up are New Milton’s “Monty” a three piece band who surfaced last year with very pleasing catchy indie pop songs from their debut EP “Call It That After This”, the band waste no time is delivering their pleasant well written songs getting peoples feet tapping from the start. Their set included the songs “Glass In The Road”, “Lost In The Flock” and “Mannequin” with also a reworked cover of The Vaccines “Norgaard” which features the brilliant line “her minds made up she don’t want to go steady, shes only 17 so she probably not ready”. Which has a really simple be hugely effective guitar piece that gets under your skin just after one listen, I was humming it all the way home. Monty are a great band that if they continue writing and performing songs like this will make a name for themselves very quickly. If there was one criticism the band do come accross a little shy and could do with addressing the audience more, I am sure this will come as their confidence builds….but whatever you have got to get out and see this band as soon as you get the chance.


Monty 12

Every band has to start somewhere and it is the turn of Bournemouth’s newest band “Catfish Uppercut” who step out on stage for the first time tonight. The band were put together by the Fullerton brothers George(Drums) and Casey(Guitars) who recruited Charlotte Warke on vocals with the dreaded Chris Blake on bass. The hit the stage very confidently with their opening number “Look To The Future” which immediately gets some of the crowd moving, the sound is a mash of hard edged ska/punk/metal which has plenty of energy that certainly packs a real punch. The bands short 4 song set includes original numbers “The Party Song”, “Retaliation” and also a cover of Rita Ora’s “RIP” which shows vocalist Charlottes voice in fine form. The band draw the biggest crowd of the evening, all of whom showed a lot of love for this band who despite being their 1st gig showed bags of exciting potential.

Catfish Uppercut
Catfish Uppercut 12

Any to tonight’s headliners “Midday Committee” who have joined us after a trip down the M27 from their home town of Portsmouth. The band have played Bournemouth once before at the old “Champions” venue in Westbourne. The punk pop foursome are a very happy bunch and seem to really appreciate the fact the most of the audience have stayed around to watch their set. The band have two quality 4 track EP’s under their belts so far, the 1st, “Nice Kids Bad Judge Of Character”, and the lastest “I’m Sure Sombody Mentioned A Cheque”. Tonight the band are on top form and impress throughout their set with catchy songs such as “Starry Eyes” and “This Job Has It’s Ups and Downs” along with a taster of a few new songs from the band’s new album which is hopefully due out later in the year. All in all a great evenings entertainment with plenty of great music all coming from very different angles…….2013 is shaping up nicely!!

Midday Committee
Midday Committee 12


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Words, Pictures, and Videos by Dave “Gig-Master” Chinery (Chinners)

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