Talking Heads, Southampton

Orange Goblin

Friday night gigs are my favourite. Work all day then go out and see some quality bands, gets the weekend off to a blinding start! Dendera started the evening off good and proper, with their power metal tunes blasting out and getting heads a nodding. They have improved considerably since I last saw them and things look bright for the Southampton outfit.


Dendera 1234

The Earl of Mars take to the stage in a haze of patchouli oil and Prog induced psychosis. Coming on like a modern day Hawkwind they held the crowd spellbound with their original melodies of doom laden guitar entwined with plinky keyboards and a solid rhythm section. Definitely a Marmite band (love ’em or hate ’em) they did have a certain something that made me make a mental note to check them out online later.

The Earl Of Mars
The Earl Of Mars 123456

The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell gave us some tight knit hard rock with riffs galore. Onstage banter sometimes went on a bit too long between songs, with the guitarist and bassist cracking jokes and such, but when they played they were truly immense. Cutting a fine dash with a retro 70’s look, the music whips the crowd up and paves the way gloriously for the mighty Orange Goblin.

The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell
The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell 1234567

Having been steadily climbing the mountain that is acceptance in the British music industry for years now Orange Goblin have almost crested the summit. The new album “A Eulogy For The Damned” being top tenned in most music journos and magazine polls in 2012, they hit the Talking Heads and release an avalanche of ten tons of rock. Ben ward has got to be one of Britainís best front men equal parts charismatic, boisterous and slightly unhinged. When one over enthusiastic fan keeps punching his leg, he leans down and says, in a good natured tone, “sorry mate, but if you keep punching me it will be last thing you do” and as he’s 6 foot something the young fan takes the hint. A no nonsense show with straight up music to party to, riffs and pits turning bystanders into converts. Beer fuelled biker rock belted out at full volume, no one does it better than Orange Goblin.

Orange Goblin
Orange Goblin 1234567

The Filthy & the Few
Made Of Rats
Acid Trail
Saruman’s Wish
The Fog
Turbo Effluent
Some You Win
Hot Magic, Red Planet
Cozmo Bozo
They Come Back
Blue Snow
Red Tide Rising.


Words and Photos by Dan O’Gara.

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