Funeral For A Friend

After a mighty twelve years as a band, South Wales post hardcore outfit; Funeral For a Friend have churned out their sixth studio effort “Conduit” with the most potent change to previous records resulting from the substitution of ex Rise To Remain drummer Pat Lundy for veteran Ryan Richards. Although some might assume this would have stripped the band of their scream led tenacity, Lundyís thundering performance on this record hints that this change has spawned a new dimension for the band rather than wound them.

Instead of spiralling backwards, the band exhibit a familiar array of hard hitting post hardcore anthems throughout this record. Itís the fusion of jagged riffs, striding choruses and soaring, yet belligerent vocal work from front man Matt Davies which captivates this bands hard hitting, yet melodic aroma. Thereís an atmosphere of integrity about this record, as you can tell Davies has realised the rev up required to bridge the divide left by Ryan Richard’s departure. Their anthemic melodies shine out in the form of the infectious “Best Friends and Hospital Beds” and “Sun-Less” but it’s definitely a record which can only be truly appreciated through a listen in its entirety.

Funeral For A Friend

The defiant display of urgency and raw aggression in Conduit suggests that this band have rediscovered their hardcore driven roots. It’s an album packed with emotion and grit, but itís not likely to set the world on fire. If you’re patient, this record will live long in the memory, but if you’re only after a thrill ride then look elsewhere.

Track listing
1. Spine
2. Conduit
3. The Distance
4. Best Friends and Hospital Beds
5. Nails
6. Death Comes To Us All
7. Travelled
8. Grey
9. Sun-Less
10. Elements
11. High Castles


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Words by George Fullerton.

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