Where The Skeletons Play

Now here is an interesting EP, not your usual fair, opening with the understated “Perspex Queen”, with it’s careful delivered, pained, distorted vocals, and considered pace, it is not your usual opening gambit on an EP, especially weighing in at 6 minutes.

However, this sets the scene, and paves the way for the rest of the EP, as “Punctuate The Sky” takes you deeper into their world, one which seems to be of a blurred and hazy nightmare. Then first the left field as “If We Just Pretend…” takes on a much simpler un-distorted sound, opening up their world for you. As the lyrics “He’s coming for you” haunt you towards the tracks closing. Followed by “…Your Innocence Exists” takes you even closer to a that gentle acoustic feel, which is immediately pulled away from you with the title track, returning with a heavy bass line, and distorted vocals, reminding you where you started this journey.

Closing with “Serendipity” a predominantly piano led instrumental, the curveballs keep coming, it also shows another side to their composing, with this piece having a cinematic feel. The EP seems layered, and textural, with the overriding dark feel to proceedings. Certainly getting the opportunity to listen to a whole album would be a fascinating, if not dark journey.

Where The Skeletons Play

Even with it’s hard rock feel, there is a dark, possibly nasty, and undeniable alternative feel to this EP, with a sound they have kept it their own. A sound which has been broadly described as “ambient hard rock”, a confusing title that only makes sense once you have heard it! This follow up to their debut “Generation Wars” from 2012, and is due for release on 27th May, if they keep this up it will show that this duo is destined for great things.

Line Up
Stitch – vocals
Bones – Instrumentation

Track Listing
Perspex Queen
Punctuate The Sky
If We Just Pretend…
…Your Innocence Exists
Serotonin Blueprints


Words by Jon.

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