Dorset Speed

There is a two track EP on Bandcamp by Dorset Speed. This two track hi octane punk rock EP has plenty of energy and spitting with punk attitude.

Starting with “Baby Elect” has the vocalist complaining about no work, and not wanting to work as he gets paid nothing anyway. With it’s pure punk attitude, full bodied sound, catchy rhythm, it is a rather addictive track. This is followed by “Bulletball”, and even shorter track, weighing in at 1 minute 40, but it ups the energy and carries on from the first track.

It would be interesting to here if they could maintain this energy for a whole set, or even to hear a whole album. I did try contacting the band but no reply – perhaps that pure punk attitude. Certainly these guys are one to look out for with their punchy short tracks, and hi-octane approach, and I can only guess live their material must up the energy another notch.

Dorset Speed

Line Up
Randal Flag – Drums/Vocals
Donny “The Knife” Ventura – Guitar/Vocals
Pickles McCloud – Guitar/Vocals
Harlequin Beaumont – Bass/Vocals

Track Listing
Baby Elect

Baby Elect by Dorset Speed
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Words by Jon “look Dave I am reviewing a local band”