The Joiners, Southampton

Saints Of Sin

Rock has returned.

At a time when local music is dwindling, it is refreshing to see a venue reach capacity to see five young talented musicians perform 60 minutes of mostly original songs. There are only a handful of amateur bands that can do that. However, it is even rarer to find a band that can keep that audience engaged for their whole set. Saints of Sin is one of those bands.

If you like indie music, this probably isn’t for you. SoS do a good job in separating themselves from the drab, “part of the furniture” stuff. In an industry where it is hard to stand out from your competitors SoS have done a good job in finding their niche in the market. Marrying this individuality with raw talent accentuates their ability to distance themselves from the crowd.

Saints Of Sin

From the very start SoS orchestrated a carefully designed, well rehearsed and excellently performed show. The performance was undoubtedly electric. The rhythm section was tight but adventurous, complemented by complex but perfectly placed guitar-work. The singing was marvelous. The show itself was obviously very well thought out; every song seemed to flow into the next in an almost narrative style. An obvious rapport between the band turned a show into a performance.

The music itself was also very well written and is an excellent throwback to the glam metal of the sunset strip of the 80s. SoS’s songs are refreshingly vibrant and upbeat, laced with menace, excitement and (mostly sexual) humour. They were distinctive and memorable, with songs such as Living Young and One More Minute bearing all the qualities of potential hits.

Saints Of Sin

We might one day hear these songs on the radio if SoS avoid a few pitfalls. They haven’t quite got the knack of the slow ballad yet, all the upbeat tunes evoked the best audience reaction. Some of the lyrics were also a bit limited to the “holy trinity” of rock and roll: sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Saints Of Sin

However, give it a few months and SoS are showing potential to rise to the top. They have the skill and creative ability to be the kings of this genre. It won’t be long before these guys are selling out big venues. Go and see them before then.

For this reviewer; 8/10.

Words and Pictures by Steve Jones.

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