The Winchester, Bournemouth

Jack grace

Jack Grace returns to one of his favourite local music venues The Winchester in Bournemouth to unveil his brand new six track EP entitled “Home”. An EP that shows huge advances in Jack’s musicals talents, and some song writing that will surely will touch the heart of anyone listening.

The Bournemouth date is part of a short tour of the UK taking in venues along the south coast and London. Jack arrives on stage around 9pm and starts on his own with just an acoustic guitar and his wide array of seemingly ever expanding equipment that makes up his loop pedal set up to which he has become an expert in using to it’s full advantage.

The “Untitled” song brings together loops of guitar pieces and harmonies of Jack’s own voice played in unison to add some great depth to the number. Two further musicians Will Franden on bass and Josh Davies on drums take to the stage, and they all run through a decent set of songs from the past and present impressing the vast majority of this Wednesday night crowd.

Jack Grace

The evenings entertainment is stepped up a level when two songs are performed back to back that just make the hairs on the backs of necks stand up on end. They are both songs from the new EP called “Remember Me” and “406” The latter was a song written about Jack’s cousin who was killed while on duty in Afghanistan and Jack encouraged every one in the place to raise a glass to his memory. The songs vocals were delivered with such passion and you could even feel the pain coming across as the song was being sung, such was the loss of this loved one in the prime of his life. The song “406” is going to be released as a single with all the proceeds being donated to a suitable chosen charity.

Jack Grace

The evening ended on a high with another new track called “Self Destruction” which despite it’s title was really upbeat, containing some killer guitar rifts ably backed by the quality rhythm section. Despite the venues strict curfew rules the audience demanded more and a cheeky cover of Son House’s “Grinnin’ in Your Face” was throw in for the very last number and provided the audience with a much needed chance to sing-a-long.

Jack Grace is one of the unsung heroes of the music scene and is very good at what he does improving with each performance, record companies out there should be tripping over themselves to get this man’s signature his music and songs are really special deserving a much larger audience. The new EP “Home” can be purchased for just £5 is available from the Jack Grace bandcamp website here

Jack Grace

Best Of Things
Boat On A Shore
Weeks Months Years
(Talk About Run)
Remember Me
Ever Changing Path
Taking The Lot
Self Destruction
Grinnin’ in Your Face (Son House Cover)


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Words, Pictures & Video by Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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