The Anvil, Bournemouth

Metal 2 The Masses

Metal 2 the Masses is an event that means Bournemouth gets to see the best Rock and Metal bands Dorset and surrounding areas have to offer. Bands compete for the chance to play at Bloodstock Open Air festival and Kudos to Anvil promoter Bear for putting on bands with similar musical styles so as one band won’t stand out from the others on the bill, by playing a more popular style.

Hummune start the ball rolling with some well-crafted stoner rock. Hailing from Southampton the trio put in a good set pausing to throw some CDs into the audience then blasting out some tasty riffs. Promising to finish on a 10 min epic, it’s sadly cut short when the guitar decides to give up the ghost… Still on the plus side at least it was on the last song not the first!


Hummune 12345

I’ve been looking forward to seeing the next band as they are local and have an excellent EP out. They didn’t disappoint and played a very strong set. One of the guitarists didn’t move around as much as his band mates and stood still looking like a guilty school kid who had just picked up an instrument, stole onstage and might be found out at any moment! Fantastically good effort though and I’m looking forward to see them at Venomfest.

Greenhorn 12345

The score from the Terminator movie serves as an into for Engraved Disillusion. They play straight up Metal and come out determined to tear the Anvil a new one. The signer manages to get a Wall of Death going but with only 4 people it’s a bit…meh! But the music is loud and the set is a tight affair, chock full of thrash guitars turned up to 11 and double kick bass drums thundering away. They persevere and finally get the crowd going and with heads banging win the heat, congratulations!

Engraved Disillusion
Engraved Disillusion 12345

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Word and photos: Dan O’Gara.

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