Stargun Musics new signing, Sada have come up with a massive album that is a must for any fan of Stoner Rock ‘n roll.

Having been AWOL from the scene for seven years, they have returned from the wilderness looking to set things straight with “All Hail The Beeflords”. Huge slabs of riffs rub shoulders with juicy vocals and the result is a full on Rock album large in scope & magnitude and grilled to perfection.

Rolling drums from the mysterious Timecop, provide the red hot coals for this feast. Forrest Taft and Mike Danton layer the meaty songs, with thick tasty riffs and season them delectable guitar licks. Whilst Mason Storms thunderous bass lines and superb vocal delivery are the special sauce that saturates the album with flavour and makes you want to sink your teeth into the warm fleshy goodness.


Starting off the right way with some 100% chargrilled beef burgers called “Self Inflicted Crown”, “Weak Of Days” and the black on the outside bloody in the middle “Dirty Rat”. After some refreshing beer in the form of album title track “All Hail the Beeflords” to wash that down with. We get a couple of tasty bangers called “Roebenger Seamist” and “Natural Woman”. The right amount of light salad comes in the form of ¨_ and prepares the consumer for the 8oz steaks of meatiness that are “XII Rocks” and “Holst”, then BANG! They upend the colossus “Bride of Cuntenstein”, which is the albums belly busting 72oz T-boned half-a-cow masterpiece, onto your plate. You have to loosen several notches on your belt to make room for this bad boy as it tastes and sounds so good you have to eat it all!

For desert the best ever cover of a Cliff Richard song in the world, Devil Woman.

Damn, what can I say but “All Hail The Beeflords”!

For fans of Orange Goblin, Clutch, Grifter, Cliff Richard, and beef!

1. Self Inflicted Crown
2. Weak Of Days
3. Dirty Rat
4. Roebenger Seamist
5. Natural Woman
6. ¨_
7. XII Rocks
8. Holst
9. Bride of Cuntenstein
10. Devil Woman


Words Dan “I’m not a vegetarian, I’m a Beeflord!” O’Gara

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