Black Star Riders

Black Star Riders were formed during a tour of a new version of the recently reformed rock legends Thin Lizzy fronted by The Almighty’s Ricky Warwick. The band’s considerable chemistry while on the road inspired them and they started to write new original material.

Out of pure respect for Phil Lynott they felt that this material could not be released under the “Thin Lizzy” name so with a slight line up change the Black Star Riders were born. The album was released at the end of May and was recorded in a studio in Los Angeles in January 2013 with the legendary Kevin Shirley who has worked with rock legends such Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, and Rush. In the past bands which includes a line up of major stars usually called super groups don’t always live up to their former glories. This album it seems was not forced upon the band, it just evolved in a very natural way making the result something quite special.

Black Star Riders

The album unashamedly contains the trademark Thin Lizzy styles and you can hear Scott Gorham’s signature guitar sound throughout, however the band have made a masive effort to stamp a lot of new very original elements into the music. There is a very celtic feel to some of the songs especially “Kingdom Of The Lost” which kicks off with Dublin’s Patrick D’Arcy on the Uilean pipes giving the record a bit of a similar feel to Gary Moore’s “Wild Frontier” period. Warwick’s vocal delivery inspires with each number and the pure passion within each number shows a virtually reborn singer who has found his rightful place in a band that really suits his style. The very personal song writing details some Irish history, although most of these guys live in America, there hearts are most definatley within the Emerald isle. Black Star Riders have produced an excellent album that would fit perfectly into any rock music fan’s collection alongside many of the all time greats and compapare very favourable. The future is looking good as a prestigious slot at the Download Festival awaits as well as a full length UK tour in the Autumn.

Black Star Riders

Line Up
Rick Warwick(Vocals)
Scott Gorham(Guitar)
Marco Mendoza(Bass)
Damon Johnson(Guitar)
Jimmy DeGrasso(Drums)

Kingdom Of The Lost
Blues Ain’t So Bad
Hoodoo Voodoo
Kissing The Ground
All Hell Breaks Loose
Before The War
Bound For Glory
Valley Of The Stones
Hey Judas



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