Beacon Hotel, Bournemouth

Drew Allen

It’s the start of June and the start of Summer it seems! What better way to celebrate then than with some live music. With On The Rocks recently closing; the Beacon Hotel (formerly the Bournebeat), has taken on the baton of offering live music to the punters of Bournemouth.

Opening tonight are local guys The Kleek. Taking inspiration from a number of sources they open with “I Guess I’m Alright” then the Daltrey-esque “What Will Be Will Be”. There’s more than a passing nod to the 60’s and a generous dollop of acoustic Weller. This quartet are appearing acoustic this evening with 3 guitars and 1 bass. There’s a real “in the round” feel to this gig as we listen to some heartfelt lyrics sung with a real energy. I have to admit I would like to hear this band “full electric” but they don’t disappoint. “Where Did It All Go Wrong” is a highlight as is “Shine On Me”, while “Get Some Emotion” is rather apt! A great set all round and well received.

The Kleek
The Kleek 1

No strangers to the local scene Hooligan Choir are up next. On the back of a successful jaunt up to London they return home confident. On tonight’s evidence confidence is growing. Every song is played with gusto and there’s a real swagger to their stagecraft. They open with “Leaving You” and instantly I/We get the impression they are on form. “Bad Candy” follows before the quite excellent “Born To Be Mild”. Elijah (guitar/vox) is in humourous mood dedicating at least 2 songs to Ally McCoist! Why? Who knows? Laur (bass) is doing some great Beatles-esque moves and a fine line in shoegazing, while Karl (drums) as usual supplies the power. There are 2 notable long song endings tonight on “She’s Calling” and “Quien Canta” that work really well but their entire set is a delight, punctuated by a confident cover of BRMC’s “Spread Your Love”, which is great. When the band are this good the world is their oyster. One only hopes they continue to grow.

Hooligan Choir
Hooligan Choir 123

Headlining tonight are a band new to me. Drew Allen is the name and their music is somewhat different to what came before. Another 4 piece with a clutch of original songs and an abundance of talent. Once again there’s a distinct air of shoegaze in the room but the music is of a different era. Their brand of Bluesy-Rock/Folk is a genre I’m not totally at home with but I persevere. If ever a band were looking to win prizes for length of song titles then Drew Allen would win first prize! “Fairytales and Town Killing Queens” is just one example but I could have picked from a number. Where I really struggle with these guys music is the vocal-a dialogue-style delivery is interesting but not original. For the most part I found it self-indulgent but perhaps I’m in the minority-every song receives long loud applause. I wont ever be a convert to Drew Allen but I wish him/them well.

Drew Allen
Drew Allen 12

The Kleek
I Guess I’m Alright
What Will Be Will Be
Hit The Road
Where Did It All Go Wrong
If I Could Only Be Sure
Shine On Me
It’s Not A Case Of Not Loving You
Get Some Emotion
I Need You

Hooligan Choir
Leaving You
Bad Candy
Born To Be Mild
Untitled (new tune)
Spread Your Love (BRMC cover)
She’s Calling
Quien Canta

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Review By Ross A. Ferrone

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