Not Made In China

Noun (plural)
Mannerisms or phrases considered typical of northerners.

An EP by Not Made In China

Not Made In China are a 4 piece from Bournemouth, with half the band (Matt and Tiff) from Beartown Zodiac, and they have also set up a record label and recording studio called The Burrow with other Bournemouth bands. With the track “Perfect”, from this EP, to be featured on a 10″ compilation of Bournemouth bands released on The Burrow, with an anticipated release date of July, depending on manufacturing times. So one to watch out for in it’s self.

Back to the EP…

The tracks on the EP perfectly reflect their aesthetics of “Southernisms is a collection of songs all about the eccentricities of life as lived by four friends in Bournemouth. Lyrics cover topics such as unemployment, the state of public transport, urban sprawl and youth apathy”. Opening with a quirky bouncy, and possibly the best summery track I have heard this year, called “Bryan”, it has a light sound, and catchy beat (I am reminded of some old pop songs with the hand clapping style).

Not Made In China

The lyrics sum up the discontent faced by many these days. “Cancel The Mortgage” is a disillusioned slice of life, and the shortage of cash, with the great line “Cancel the mortgage, double the rent”, not to mention the “Employers cannot afford to employ me”. Perhaps something you would have heard from Billy Bragg, or perhaps the melancholy of numerous other artists, but they do it in what feels to be a positive way, and inadvertently leaves you feeling upbeat. Yet there is a feel of something slightly anachronistic to proceedings, but they themselves site influences including The Smiths, The Stone Roses, amongst others.

Whilst “Sick Of the Six” is more of a drum led track, and a guitar line that could easily fit into “Graceland”. “Peel Back The Red Tape” is a track that seems to convey, musically, a more solemn feel, yet a foot tapping beat to distract you from the subject. Whereas “5/4” is a more interesting track with an ethereal vocal, and delicate harmonies that at times envelope the vocals – but that just adds to the effect!

With an overriding AfroBeat feel, an infectious foot tapping bass and beat, this is a great EP for the coming Summer, or at the very least the current weather we are experiencing here in Poole and Bournemouth.

Yet, stopping and listening to the lyrics opens up a whole other layer to the EP, with it’s serious topics, which are handled expertly. Possibly, strong enough to stand the test of time.

Put your worries behind you, kick back, crack open a drink, sit in the sun, and take some time for yourself with this EP! (so close to writing “tune in, turn on, and drop out”!)

These guys know what they do well, and they do do it well!

Line Up
Gavin Blackhall – bass/vocals
Jospeh Johnston – drums/harmonies
Matthew Musial – guitars/harmonies
Tiff Wheaton-Green – vocals/guitars

Cancel The Mortgage
Sick Of The Six
Peel Back The Red Tape
Easter Weekend


Brakestop review by Jon (in order to get it posted before Monday!)

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