Jane's Adiciton

Formed and fronted by Perry Farrell, Jane’s Addiction played Terminal 5 in New York City 29 December 2012, and filmed this concert from their “Theatre Of The Escapists” tour in celebration of their 2011 album “The Great escape Artist”.

Credited as being one of the earliest American alternative-rock bands to successfully emerge from the 90’s they have become one of America’s most popular and respected acts, even though they have only released 4 studio albums. With many TV credits for their material, this live show just goes to show how their music is possibly as relevant today as it was when they started back in the early nineties.

Throughout the years there has been a number of band members and collaborations, most notably Duff McKeagan and Flea for brief periods, as well as touring with NIN back in 2008/2010 for the cleverly named NIN/JA tour, further cementing their importance in the music scene.

Jane's Adiciton

The live show presented has a fair number of tracks coming form their first two studio releases, and this forms a great introduction to their earlier work, not to mention the great sound and video quality, it is possibly the best introduction to their music if you are not familiar with their work.

As a kind of homecoming gig for Perry and one the crowd thoroughly appreciated; the show does not disappoint, and left this reviewer partly wishing he had been their to soak up the atmosphere. Opening with “Whores” you just know you are in for a treat, and the energy he has persists throughout the performance. It is always great to see a performance that is loved by the audience, but it is just so much better when the band are enjoying themselves.

Throughout the chaos of “Ted, Just Admit…” to the funk basslines of “Been Caught Stealing”, all the while Farrell’s’ distinctive vocals give it that edge. Even the mellower “Irresistible Force” and “Three Days” grabs you, and holds your attention.

The party feel continues with the opening bassline to “Mountain Song”, the bands first song albeit second single.

Jane's Adiciton

Closing the party, traditionally, is “Jane Says” opening with acoustic guitar and bongos, before breaking into it’s distinctive steel drums. With the audience being showered in confetti, inflatable animals and balloons the party draws to a close. The band have gone all out, and it is easy to see why they are held in such high regard.

Filmed in New York at Terminal 5, the performance is one of a number of shows that the band played in classic theatres across North America at the end of last year. If the other venues are anything like Terminal 5, then they were more than appropriate settings for the Band. The concert is available very soon on multiple formats including CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and Double Vinyl LP.

The album will be released on the following formats: Digital, DVD and Blu-ray (running time 69 mins), DVD & CD, CD – both with 12 page booklets and sticker, and also double vinyl LP – which is the first live vinyl release since 1987’s self-titled on Triple X Records.

…and yes I wondered how long the two girls would be dangling over the stage for when the show started!

Track Listing
Ain’t No Right
Just Because
Ted, Just Admit It…
Been Caught Stealing
Irresistible Force (Met The Immovable Object)
Up the Beach
Ocean Size
Three Days
Mountain Song
Encore: Jane Says


Words by Jon.
Photo Credit: Susanna Honkasalo

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