Electric Panda

Bournemouth band Electric Panda have just released their debut CD, the interestingly title “Lapdance From Elvis”, and they have an album out which is an interesting journey.

With an overriding folky sound, punctuated with electric guitar, the album opens with the gentle melodies of “So Shallow”, a gentle tale of regret, and “Polzeath” with its more electric feel-a tale of travel and experiences as time moves on, towards the end the track opens up with an increase in tempo and volume. Both of these tracks flow with an undeniable ease, and allow for “Sky” to catch you by surprise, as it changes the vibe with the electric guitar work taking the forefront.

“O.M.B.” has hints of the electric guitar, peaking from the gentle acoustic guitar work, and is lyrically clever, if not a little amusing (although I am sure that humour is not it’s point!), but you will have to listen to find out more!

“Used To Love” has a very retro feel, and turns the tempo back down with it’s simple guitar and rhythm working perfectly together; couple this with the harmonies and you have a great track that almost tries to hide from you, but is subtle and mellow.

Electric Panda

“Shades Of Grey” returns to an “old skool” rock vibe, with the vocals coming to the forefront (come on Dave, more like this, you can do it!), and a solid punchy percussion help to underpin this track. This attitude(?) continues with “Bred In the Bone”, “Money”, and “Eyes Wide Open” all showing a more “old-skool” rockier feel not shown in the albums opening tracks however “Eyes…” has a particular catchy feel to it.

The album closes with “Find My Way”, almost a return to the mellower start with one major difference, the additional 120 vocalists used in the choral arrangement. Not sure we have had an album pass our way with some additional vocalists!

It has been about a year or so since I last saw Electric Panda perform, and I think that they have come on a lot in that time. The vocals are the obvious area to highlight, although in places a little more force or power would have been nice, they are showing more confidence, and show a new found adaptability. The album is an interesting mix, it starts off with a gentle folk vibe, and transitions across to a more rocky feel. This does not mean that the album is confused, but more that it shows that the Panda can be versatile while comfortable with their choices. I think the easiest description is folk-rock, but there is also an anachronistic feel as the album flows on, an early rock or perhaps even a Jim Morrision feel.

It looks like the Panda are “Find[ing] Their Way”!

They are playing soon at http://www.tonefest.co.uk/.

Line Up
Dave Brown – Lead & backing vocals – Electric and acoustic guitars
Mark Loader – Backing vocals, drums, percussion, hammers
Tom Whild – Backing vocals, bass guitars

So Shallow
Used To Love
Shades Of Grey
Bred In The Bone
Eyes Wide Open
Find My Way

http://www.reverbnation.com/electricpanda (some streaming music, including a cover of Walk on Gilded Splinters, available as a free download)

Words by Jon.

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