For almost the first minute of the opening, you know you are in for a riff based audible orgy. Yorkshires very own Immension are set to release their latest offering, following on from their previous eponymous onslaught.

Opening with “The Enemy Within” they have followed on from “Immension”, leaving you in no doubt of the wake they can leave behind them. As the riffs drive your heartrate up, and the drums relentlessly provide the backdrop to hold this barrage together with. This flows perfectly into “Forevermore”, so much so that a distraction could lead you into thinking it was one long 10 minute opus.

“All That Remains” does seem a little too Metallica (Black Album era), but is still a great track although with Jake’s tremendous vocal abilities, I am left wondering about the inclusion of the screamed out lyrics across this EP. I am not against the gutteral screams, but when you can sing, and sing well – then sing!

Due out on 12th August, this is a must for metalheads, and anyone who needs to turn their stereos up to 11 from some hard rocking. For some this might be more of the same, and certainly this genre has had plenty of contenders over the years. However; they have upped their game since “Immension”, so lets hope they can get a break and push themselves forward. With guitar solos abundant and the strong drum work, these guys seem to be tighter than ever before, and are more than technically competent. And by the time the closing track “In The Dead Of Winter” finishes, you are left wanting to hit play again. There must be an album in them somewhere!


The Enemy Within
All That Remains
In The Dead OF Winter