The Inferno, Bournemouth

Manic Shine

Tonight London-based four-piece band “The Manic Shine” have made the trip down the motorway for a gig at the Inferno in Bournemouth. This is their second gig here after plenty of positive feedback from their first performance.

The band formed in 2010 and have already released two albums, “Blindsider” in 2011, and the latest offering, this year’s “Let Go Or Be Dragged”. The support for tonight is local three-piece band “Tommy Needs A Gun”, and it is only the band’s third gig together since forming recently from past members of “Silverlith” Ryan Perks and Jord Williams, who recruited ex Voodoo Vegas drummer Paul Williams. They kick off confidently with a sound that contains elements from the 90s Seattle grunge scene together with more modern leanings towards bands like Muse. Ryan’s guitar work is simple but effective in creating the band’s evolving sound, with songs like the catchy “Make It Take It” which has a chorus hook that gets in your head on the first listen. They end after a brief 30 minute set with “Dirty Secret”, a slow builder that really packs a punch; probably one of their best songs so far. Although the band have a long way to go they have made a promising start so far.

Tommy Needs A Gun
Tommy Needs A Gun 1

As The Manic Shine were setting up for their performance, the huge amount of guitar effects laid out in front of them had those who had not previously seen them intrigued. They kick off with the powerful “Burn Me Off The Ceiling” a song with masses of bounding energy and extreme enthusiasm right from the start that shows these four musicians absolutely love what they do. The band use plenty of electronic technology that enhances their original sound without overriding it – something to behold at a live performance. They perform with enormous passion and deliver a set that contains everything you could wish to see from a band. It’s great when you are unable to pigeonhole a band’s sound due to the many different influences on display; there are moments when the guitar shares sounds like those from The Edge from U2, and little flashes of material like “30 Seconds To Mars”, “Muse” or even “System Of A Down”. Collectively, it makes for an epic, original sound that could easily go global.

The Manic Shine
The Manic Shine 123

These guys have so much talent and drive, it’s a shame they’re performing in a small venue to a small yet appreciative audience. I’d love to see them on a large stage performing to thousands of people. The band keep up the high momentum for their hour on stage, ending with three great songs from the latest album, showing the band at their progressive best: the impressive “Libra”, a song with a distinctively Middle Eastern feel, “Weightless”, and the uplifting “Tin Crown Kings”. As the band end their set the crowd show them lots of love and appreciation for their entertaining and energetic music. Every once in a while a band comes along and completely takes you off guard, reminding you what the art of performance is all about; “The Manic Shine” are once such band. They are billed to play Sound Circus in Bournemouth on the 25th September. Miss them at your peril!

Set Lists
The Manic Shine
Burn Me On The Ceiling
My Woman(I Love Nothing About You)
Use Your Horizon
Fiendish Minds
Tin Crown Kings

Tommy Needs A Gun
Play Your Card
In My Eyes’
Place to Be
Strange Lies
Make it Take it
Dirty Secret


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Words, Pictures & Videos By Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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