People's Republic

Bursting out of Cornwall (St. Austell to be exact) comes People’s Republic; a four piece who are belting out some cracking rock tracks, and have a new EP out.

Fronted by Jodie the EP opens with “Star”, an uncompromising energy and vibrance with their style of rock, metal, and funk. You just know that the opening guitar work grabs you immediately, and hooks you in. In fact the catchy guitar works permeates throughout the track, giving it a distinct feel that plays off the rhythm expertly. Time to hit repeat!

The title track follows and is a more laid back affair-with a slight change in style it still possesses that energy and attitude.

Closing with the more aggressive “Point The Finger ”

Their EP is a stunning debut, the quality and capability of the band is impressive compared to some of the other offerings out there. It seems appropriate for a West Country rock band, and it is safe to say that a few beers will flow easily when they are on stage, as your foot gets tapping and the energy levels rise. However, with only 3 tracks the EP seems to be over before you know it, even with the first two tracks coming in at just over 4 minutes each. It always surprises me how quickly time can fly when the speakers are pumping out great tunes – where’s the album???

The EP is available now from iTunes

Line Up
Jodie Matta – Lead Vocals
Jon Hall – Guitars/Vocals
Dan Jones – Bass/Vocals
Sam Finnemore – Drums

Track Listing
Wild Beast
Point The Finger

Words by Jon.

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