Hybrid 6

The latest release from Southampton EBM outfit Hybrid 6.0 sees them take on a slightly more club stance, albeit a nice dark alternative club.

With their distinct electronic beats this EP sees a slight departure from the more aggressive debut “Silent Destruction” album, but it still possesses a dark theme with the odd sample. There appears to be a little more dubstep in places as the bass drops in places, again just adding to that club feel.

Opening with samples, and quickly followed by a drum-machine beat the solid sounding “Species” starts proceedings. Kicking in with it’s guitar work providing the energy and rhythm, setting the scene for the rest of the EP. Whilst “Dark Energy” keeps the tempo up, with a slightly more accessible feel, with the pulsing bass makes this a stand out track on the EP. “Fifth Kind” grabs you with the electro and synth coming at you from all angles with it’s pounding beats. Things slow down for “Iodine Smile”, which for this listener is the weakest track on the album. Everything is there, but it just doesn’t hit the mark. But things turn around for “Asphyxia” which gets a hand hold on you, then proceeds to pound you with it’s bass. But things feel softer as the vocals are offset to gentle harmonies, the second half of the track maintains the softer vibe. Although things feel turned up a notch; the vocals maintain a certain consistency, with an Uber Girl style sample.

Hybrid 6

A cracking EP, and one that can kickstart an evening, their sound is more than just EBM. With it’s dancebeats and almost punk feel, at times the guitar work certainly justifies the “Hybrid” in their name. With a move away from the aggression and violence of “Silent Destruction” the EP shows a little more about them than just the potential for shock tactics.

The EP is available for Free from their SoundCloud page.

Time Bomb
Dark Energy (ft. Andy Thomas)
Fifth Kind
Iodine Smile


Words by Jon.

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