9 Left Behind

As far as music goes there is nothing easier to listen to than Pop/Punk, the songs are catchy and get stuck in your head quite quickly. Experts at this are bands like Blink 182, New Found Glory and Bowling For Soup who seem to effortlessly create music for the masses just like that. Though the songs sound simple enough, it is anything but to create such a tune.

Bournemouth trio “9 Left Behind” have just released their own debut 3 track EP called “Lucky Louise” and at only 8 minutes long it does not give you much time to enjoy their talents. What it does give you is 2 big tunes and a sort of a Grungey jam on the end as a bit of a filler.

The song “Lucky Louise” has all the right ingredients needed to get stuck in your head and it does this in only 2 minutes and 55 seconds. It has frontman Dave Boyles’s unique vocal style delivered confidently with a certain amount of self assured swagger; coupled with the driving guitars, bass and drums typical of this type of song. “Under Achiever” at 15 seconds longer than “Lucky Louise” gives you more infectious choruses and catchy guitar riffs that could have you dancing around your kitchen making a complete idiot of yourself! Then again, isn’t that not what music is supposed to do?

9 Left Behind

The final track at only 1 minute 4 seconds could be a degraded demo from an old Nirvana recording session. It seems a little out of place when the listener would have probably benefited from more of the same as the 1st two songs. I really enjoyed listening to the EP and had a feeling I had been short changed (I hadn’t as I Got It For Free) as I would have loved to have heard more. Hopefully, 9 Left Behind will be back in the studio soon to bring us more of their delightful tunes. I have been lucky enough to see the band live a few times now and I can promise their live set is definitely worth the entrance fee. As well as original material there are a few reworked cheesy covers too. Check out their Facebook page for new gig dates being announced.

Track Listing
Lucky Louise
Under Achiever
It’s What They Do.

Guitar/Vocals – Dave Boyle
Bass – Tom Donovan
Drums – Danny Lock


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