All She Wrote

The debut EP from London based band “All She Wrote” is sure to kick-start their career. Due to their unique sound and the layout of the EP, the band appeals to a large target audience and their alternative rock vibe is a highly marketable advantage for them.

The overall production of this EP is of such a high quality for an unsigned band. However, it feels like the focus was primarily on the musicians and that the mix on the vocals (especially in the first track) makes it difficult to hear and understand what is being said. If the mix on the vocals was turned up slightly, then I believe the EP would be on par with the production of signed artists.

The EP opens with “Principio”, a diverse instrumental piece that provides a creative and unique introduction to the rest of the tracks, and flows into the next song. However, it feels like this track needed to be either just a few seconds shorter or longer in order for the effect of the drop to be more of an impact for the listener.

“Unjust” is reminiscent of a cross between Lovely Guns and Bring Me The Horizon. The heavy nature and high energy of the drums, the addictive riff of the bass, and the guitar paired with smooth but raw vocals will really plant this track in your memory for days.

All She Wrote

“Unjust” is followed by the raw and emotional “Riven”. The harmonies in this track help to build up a sense of hopelessness, and give you a chance to connect with the heart-felt lyrics. The break down of the layers halfway through the song leaves only the vocals accompanied by a glockenspiel, which is both thought-provoking and powerfully moving.

The following two tracks “Weathered” and “Persona” continue to present the band’s versatility and confirm how catchy their music is. The closing track “Finis Principio” is something completely different and a fantastic way to round up the EP. The track consists of gentle vocals accompanied by a piano and a string section, which morphs the lyrics of “Riven” into an alternative version with a cleverly altered meaning.

All in all, this is a truly excellent debut EP from the band and, with their unsigned status, I have no doubt that they will be snapped up within the next couple of months. Expect to hear great things from these guys. The EP is available to download from iTunes here.

All She Wrote

Line Up
Connor Crooks – Vocals
Tommy Shillibeer – Bass
Jonny Page – Guitar
Marc Smith – Drums

Track Listing
Finis Principio


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Words by Caroline O’Mahoney
Picture By Jaimie Peta Sutton

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