Coming this winter is a new album by Swedish heavy rock outfit Maskin.

Originating from Orebro in Sweden, this five piece have 2 singles recorded this year, all in preparation for the album, and they look like they could be about to make some waves.


Their heavy rock and fuzz laden sound grabs you and refuses to let go as “Ignition” started to melt my speakers. This low down riff laden assault is brilliant! Throw in some low vocals, thumping drums, and you have the perfect mix. “The Swarm” even had a touch of Hendrix just to help the heavy rock on its way. Did I mention the fuzzy guitar work? Something I think they pride themselves on.

This might be a very short review for two tracks, in fact more of a teaser, but lets wait for the album and see if these guys can keep up the momentum. I hope so.


Line Up
Benny Andersson – vocals
Kent Cederström – fuzz guitar
Joel Forsberg – dirty bass
John Stöök – messy drums
Viktor Örneland – even fuzzier guitar


[minimal] Words by Jon.

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