The Brompton Mix

Hailing from Woking The Brompton Mix are the latest band in a long line of new bands bringing back the Beat in Brit(Beat)! This 4 piece have produced 6 classic cuts here that display a fine talent for a (relatively) new band.

They open with “Take It Back”, which has a squealy Oasis-esque intro that screams Britpop all over it! The tambourine is a big feature on this stomper of a song as it bounces along, while there’s a nice bassy middle 8 in there too. As an opening track this is “right up there” with strong guitars and powerful drums. The song ending is also clean and sharp. ‘Black as Coal’ is a jumpy little number. The guitar parts seem simple enough but the drums are the over-riding feature here. Lyrically it tells a story; possibly one persons view of another, but a decent track nevertheless and one can imagine a live favourite. “She’s The One For Me” is an acoustic-led simple song with a nice little harmonica piece. It’s Rifles-esque in style and delivery, possibly a love song or an ode to a loved one. It’s another song that would make a great live singalong and is a highlight among this collection.

The Brompton Mix

“The Wrong Train Home” borrows heavily from the Arctic Monkeys on the intro and whole body of the song. A great vocal delivery from Ben tells the story of a top night out/weekend of fun. The guitar part at the end is also rather fine. “Miles Away” is, quite simply Britpop! It opens with what sounds like a studio jam. What follows has such an early Oasis feel to it-all swagger and attitude. It’s clearly a work in progress but one worth persevering with. ‘Showdown’ is by far the hardest song among this collection. The excellent “wah wah” guitars and strong hitting from Chris really enhance this song about “Goin’ Out Tonight”! It’s the perfect finale to this collection and has a fine song-ending. With the rise in Mod Revival/Britpop-inspired guitar bands currently en vogue, the time is perfect for the Brompton Mix to take the next step. With a founder member of The Jam managing and mentoring them the world is their oyster. I just hope they reach their potential and a wider audience. Only time will tell. But, if these 6 songs are anything to go by the future’s bright.

The Brompton Mix

Track Listing
Take It Back
Black As Coal
She’s The One For Me
The Wrong Train Home
Miles Away

The Brompton Mix are…
Ben Peppitt – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Azza Sergent – lead guitar, backing vocals
Simon Gulliver – bass, backing vocals
Chris Baxter – drums, backing vocals



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Review By Ross Ferrone.

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