Die No More

Coming out of Penrith, Cumbria like a rocket, Metal upstarts Die No More have crafted a little cracker of an EP here. Good solid riffs and rhythms make this a very enjoyable listen.

Taking pinches of Bullet For My Valentine, mixing them up with the classic rock of say, Raven and a rather large dollop of Metallica and you have some tunes best played at full volume. OK, so there is isn’t much in the way of originality to the songs but they are played with a passion and zest that makes you want to get up and rock the fuck out! The EP’s production is super slick and sounds immense turned up loud.

Die No More

There are only four tracks to sink your teeth into but I had the thing on repeat for a whole evening whilst doing some other work and it didnít get old at all. Excellent first offering! EP available to download from iTunes for the princely sum of £2.49, go and get it!

Conscious Indecision
Council of War


Words: Dan O’Gara.

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