Now we pride ourselves on trying out of a variety of music here at Rock Regen Towers. So this might be the first time we have covered something that might be described as House/Dance.

Now things have moved on since Yazz, and M.A.R.S., and Katsuo should be making some big waves with his new EP due out in January 2014.

This is an eclectic mix of samples, electronic, guitar, and some cracking beats. Labelled as Dance and House, it is catchy and energetic. It just screams out for the repeat button to be hit. Ranging from dark electro, dub-step, Jazz, and possibly even elements of industrial, this EP ticks a number of boxes.

As you can probably tell from my opening sentence I don’t think this EP is going to appeal to everyone. Yet it is one of those EPs that is creative and off centre. Merging eclectic pop, and a whole heap of originality it opens with the addictive “Creators” and you are instantly hooked. Although I am sure I have heard the main lyric before, I just can’t place it. However, this does not detract from it being a cracking track.


While “Secret Supervillian” seems a little cheesy, but it does put a smile on your face with its high energy and fast pace. I can imagine hearing this in something like Kick Ass. With background vocals akin to Babylon Zoo.

“The Wicked” opens with an acoustic guitar, which almost gives you whiplash as it is unexpected. However, the beat kicks in and a fuzzy bass gets dropped.


Haters gonna hate, I think this might happen here. But this EP is addictive, with its punchy rhythms, samples, bass shifts, and rock guitar. Haters gonna hate? Not while the Creator is creating!

Track Listing
Creators (feat. Nakisha Esnard)
I Wanna Know
Secret Supervillian (feat. Zoe Ann)
As Good As Mine (feat. Mark Bolton)
The Wicked


Words by Jon.

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