Sticking with the number based naming strategy this American trio have unleashed their fourth opus onto the world.

From the moment the album starts you are bombarded with hard Rock and melodies that will get you either nodding your head or flailing around like a wild thing. These guys have been at it for about a decade, and their latest release goes to show the hard work and dedication they are putting into their craft.

From the opening of “The Message” I can tell you that the energy is relentless, and there are no surprises in store aside from the consistent energy levels and quality of the sounds that will melt your speakers.

What precedes in between is just an onslaught. I have not seen these guys live, but I imagine a dark and very hot room with a lot of sweaty individuals thoroughly immersed in the experience. “Eye Of The Storm” has a great deep and heavy riff which sums up the title perfectly.


Closing with “Drawing Flies” things seem a little more laid back. From the cymbals through to the guitar; a little less drums, very little bass and more controlled vocals give them a whole new dimension. But that is just the opening! The distortion kicks in, the bass backs it all up and the poor drummer must be on his last legs!

Fearing that this review might turn into a collection of cliches, this album has to be played loud in order to get the full effect. And that effect might just be a headache. The whole album; all 9 tracks just rock, and they rock hard. There is absolutely no filler on this thing. No doubt it will be a firm favourite with the Stoner Rock fans. The big distorted guitar, the fuzzy nature, the fat drum sound-it just all keeps coming.

A solid chunk of old school hard rock. From the laid down beats, heavy bass underpinning it; to the screaming guitar riffs and solos, this is what rock is all about, and this album has it all. 9 tracks of fully fuelled energy ready to explode. This should satisfy anyone’s hard rock needs.

The album is available from here, as well as iTunes and other outlets.

Line Up
Keith Gibbs – Guitar, Vocals
Rick Ferrante – Drums – Percussion
Jason Casanova – Bass
Gaff – guest vocals on “Smoke Signal”
Hammy – guest guitar on “Smoke Signal”

Track Listing
The Message
Eye Of The Storm
Sweet Lady
Smoke Signal
Wolves At My Door
Me And You
Drawing Flies


Words by Jon.

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