Following a debut release which boasted promise in it’s material, but severely lacked the studio quality to shine through, Bournemouth based metalcore outfit, Griever have completely turned the world on it’s head through their new EP “Rebirthing”.

Channelling the unrelenting energy of the likes of Unearth and Bleeding Through, this record eerily boils tension through intro “Rebirthing”, before erupting into “Destroyer”. Their glossy, tight-as-fuck metalcore anthems are laden with sweeping melodies, thick riffs and merciless breakdowns made to punish the ear drums incessantly.

As the clean vocals in “Died Before You Lived” brush with the hard hitting screams of front man, David Seymour, there is an incomprehensible number of levels being stepped up from their previous efforts. Whilst most metalcore tracks these days tend to numb the mind with endless cliché and repetition, Griever’s ability to fuse lashings of brutality with diverse melodies allows them to stand out from the crowd. Just listen to the stunning outro to “Smoke & Mirrors” to glimpse this sense of diversity, as the track bleeds into final offering and latest single, “My Captain, My King”.


There is an immediate realisation that this track puts the cherry on top for this record. A brief feature from vocalist, Luke Boyle only adds to an exceptional climax to this band’s triumphant realisation of the sound they have long been searching for. “Rebirthing” may just be the most refreshing metalcore release this year, as a hard working outfit claim their just deserts. Expect enormous things to come from their first full length album in the near future.

Track listing
Your Existence Means Nothing
Died Before You Lived
Smoke & Mirrors
My Captain, My King (feat. Luke Boyle)


Words by George Fullerton.

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