Take some nu metal plus a dollop of aggression and you get Derange. This up and coming four piece from London have just released their debut EP Ego.

There 3 track EP opens with “Another One Down” cracking melody, catchy vocals, cutting guitar work with some mighty riffage, and plenty of energy. “Unleash” continues in the same vein, just as catchy but feels as if it slows down the pace with the vocals giving the track a full sound.

Saving themselves for the title track, “Ego” has a harder guitar feel and is a little more funky, with a baseline that stands out, and guitar and you get a punchy track that is reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine, the snarling repetition of lyrics at the end of the track re-enforce the bands influence.

This is a cracking little EP that packs a punch, with a good solid sound, some great riffage, as well as buckets of attitude, overlay this with the vocals that range the relatively soft to raw aggression, you get a great. Mixing a number of influences (definitely one for fans of Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, and P.O.D!), these three tracks how a lot of potential from these guys. They are already in the studio working on their next EP, lets hope they don’t slow it up and get enough material for an album.


“Ego” is available from Bandcamp, at a name your own price. Check it out on their Bandcamp page.

Line Up
Cat Pereira – Vocals
Nick Crosby – Guitar
Joe Macpherson – Bass
Warren de Melo – Drums

Track Listing
Another One Down


Words by Jon.

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