For three thousand years an unearthly silence had hung in the air across the mountainous realm of Othac-hor. When one walked over the rough terrain, footsteps were muffled as if the very ground were made from cotton wool, rather than loose gravel and stone.

If one shouted as loud as one could, all that a companion standing beside them was likely to hear would be a muted squeak akin to that of a mouse at the end of a long tunnel. It was into this bleak region that five heroes strode, carrying with them the instruments of sonic oblivion. They arduously scaled the tallest mountain named Dzen by the local villagers, steadfastly bearing their equipment without complaint. Guitars slung around their backs dragging a generator, amplifiers, cymbals and drum parts along behind them, leaving deep grooves in the broken scree. Once at the summit they proceeded to assemble their gear. Grey clouds soundlessly whipped around them as they stacked the amps and constructed the drum kit in a hollowed out niche in the mountain’s Southern side. Thus with the valley stretched out before them, desolate and drained of colour and life, they flicked the switch of the mighty generator to the on position. Electricity surged through the cables.


A hand reached into a pocket and produced a guitar pick tightly grasped between cold fingers. It was raised to head height then thrust down across the strings with unadulterated violence. The cord rang out through Othac-hor, beating back the silence that had enveloped the land for decades. As the song progressed it steadily became louder, joined by the thundering drums and rumbling bass. The ashen clouds parted and Sun that had not touched the land for a long time burst through and drenched the earth in glorious colour. Sound enveloped everything as the music banished the Ancient, Majestic curse that had held the land in its thrall for so long. Legend was made that day and the people of Satulk village will forever chant the name of the band who had delivered them from a lifetime of silence – Hagstone.

All but one the local publican “Bloody drank all me best ale and made a hell of a mess in me bogs” he was heard to say.

The riffs cascade down throughout Hagstone’s EP drenching the listener with classic Doom laced with a stoner vibe. Downtuned to perfection the London based mob have produced a little gem here, sounding like Candlemass meets Black Sabbath at an all-night biker party. Must be played loud and listened to under the influence of whatever takes your fancy. END THE SILENCE and buy this sucker now! Or even better, Pledge for the EP and support an up and coming band with your hard earned shekels, here


Words: Dan O’Gara

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