Phillip Foxley

Somewhere in the deepest darkest parts of North Wales you will find Phillip Foxley beavering away, crafting some top notch blues rock.

A blues rock songwriter and guitarist he has mainly worked for Film and TV, but now has an album due out in 2014. However, if you head over to ReverbNation you can catch some of this bluesy rock goodness.

Starting with “Demon Lover” you have some solid smooth velvety blues. One of those tracks you could imagine in club where everyone is sat at tables, with the vocalist at the front of the stage slinky dress, tall mike stand, and the attention of everyone in the room. The guitar riffs dance around the bassline, and it just keeps you poised.

Phillip Foxley

Where as “Seize The Day” harks more to the guitar heroes of a yester year, one that came just before synths as each note flows out of the speakers at you. In fact as it opens I briefly thought of “House Of The Rising Sun”

“Racing Through Time” is the only male vocal track, and totally changes the feel of the music, and although the tracks are all from a blues vein, it is amazing how the feel and approach can totally change with gender. Probably an obvious observation, but the whole track feels a little rougher round the edges, no doubt by design.

It is easy to see the film influences, no not influences, but more the way the tracks are composed, such as “Seize The Day” and “Promises” just seem so expansive, and could easily fill the auditorium as the opening credits for a thriller roll. Lets hope that the album follows through.

Track Listing
Demon Lover
Seize The Day
Racing Thru Time


Words by Jon.

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