Toby Jepson

Many years ago the local Arthouse/Venue used to put on rock and metal gigs every summer, and I got to see some great acts. One of those I saw a few times was the Little Angels. Still got a bunch of their CDs round here somewhere, always good on a sunny day (anyone for “Radical Your Lover”?).

Then this landed in my inbox, and those halcyon days of pre-mortgage freedom, bouncing in the pit….ahhhhh……

Opening with the title track you get some good ole rock with more than a dollop of roll, in fact this track turns out to be more of a lifestyle statement. The punchy rhythm keeps your attention, and your foot tapping. And those vocals – ohhh those vocals. Takes me right back.

Toby Jepson

While “Shoes” slows down everything, and forces you to assess yourself, and not take for others for granted. This all sounds a tad serious, and couple this with an acoustic guitar, it is! The acoustic guitar gives it a little bit of a Southern feel, and helps underplay the music letting his vocals take the front stage. But great song writing put against a simple backdrop always works. “Shadow Boxing” is a complete turnaround. Not just to the preceding track, but to the rest of the EP, it is more funky, more big band club! Totally unexpected, and shows versatility.

Now if anyone reading this has not heard of the Little Angels, then not to worry. This review not about them. It is about the now, and what Toby has done. His vocals still have a bite, and the mix of acoustic and electric give a great sound. This is the stuff for a pub gig – you know the type, small stage, warm atmosphere. Great tunes. Don’t get me wrong, this EP does not have a small sound, it is great piece of rock. It has slightly more acoustic sound, than electric, but throw in the keys and it really hits the spot. If the weather wasn’t so miserable the car windows would be down. As ever, only 6 tracks – could do with more….let’s hope an album is in the pipeline.

Track Listing
Raising My Own Hell
Dear Mama
Patience Of A Saint
Four Letter Word
Shadow Boxing


Words by Jon.

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