Powdered Cows

Christchurch band Powdered Cows have their own brand of Indie Pop, a unique one at that.

Following on from their “Z K Radars” this seems to be the right step forward, the right progression for them, less experimental, and therefore possible a little less risqué, but “Make My Miami” is the natural evolution for the band. The EP has almost has a feeling of old-school 80’s indie, possibly even mixed in with a little American College, but tied in with the feel of today.

Opening with the funky bass driven “Monster Of Revelance”, this track misleads you into the rest of the EP. The EP is far from the funk inclinations of this opener. “Siberia” is addictive, the vocals have a dislocated feel, and with the softer music, it takes you on a journey. I am left thinking of The Editors, but for me this only enhances the track, as you are left with obscured imagery as the carefully crafted music wafts over you.

Powdered Cows

“Brain Freeze” is a love song, or rather about a love that has gone, in the same way that ice creams melts on a sunny day. Although, my description may be amusing, it is a carefully crafted track, that keeps any humour (not sure there is any) quietly hidden, and you are left with a heartbreaking track. While “National Winner”, an unusual track in as much as a quirkier sound, with it’s electronic backdrop fused with guitars The catchy rhythm and almost “sci-fi” feel carries you.

Closing with “Littledown” which has a very laid back vibe, and the many layers wash over you, the vocals just seem to float across this soundscape.

I have only seen Powdered Cows once or twice, and I didn’t really get it. I could see the talent, but it did not click for me. This EP changes all of that. In an environment where I am focused on the music (not chasing the kids during a festival) it now all fits together. It is the kind of sound you find hard to put a finger on, original, perhaps even quirky, but you just know there is greatness underpinning in it all. From the way the tracks are put together, to the sounds used – you just know a lot of care and attention has gone into this. I can imagine these guys being Bournemouth next underground cult hit. Lets call it indie-alt-pop-awesome.

Released in early December it is worth checking out. It is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon.

Line Up
Martin – Rhythm guitar/lead vocals
James – Bass/lead and backing vocals
Deena – Lead guitar
Giles – Drums

Track Listing
Monsters Of Revelations
Brain Freeze
National Winner
Catch Two Birds


Words by Jon “keeping it local” M.

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