Christmas Stage, Bournemouth Square

Voodoo Vegas

This year in Bournemouth Square a Christmas Market, a German bar and a large music stage has been put up to provide some welcome entertainment. The stage has given local bands the chance of performing on a large stage in front of a totally different type of audience.

The organisers comprising Dan Holbeche and his team, as well as Chris Young, “Percy” of Pulse P.A must all be congratulated for all the hard work put in getting this operation off the ground. Tonight is the turn of Rockers Voodoo Vegas to warm things up on this cold winter’s night. Voodoo Vegas have had an absolutely amazing 2014, laying down some excellent foundations for a great career in the music business with some quality high profile gigs in the UK and Europe.

Tonight is all about celebration. It may be Friday 13th and a band with the word “Voodoo” in the title are headlining the Bournemouth Square Christmas Stage; but who cares, as Noddy holder famously said “IT’S CHRISTMAS”. The band stop shoppers and revellers in their tracks, when they fill up the Bournemouth skies with the sound of their excellent brand of classic rock. Front man Lawrence is on top form, chatting to the audience in his own unique way making each person more than welcome to be a part of this crazy night of rock n’ roll.

Voodoo Vegas
Voodoo Vegas 1234

As well as tracks from their fine debut album “The Rise Of Jimmy Silver” the audience are treated to a trio of brand new compositions which show a fresh new direction for the band, and the 1st song is written with new drummer Jonno Smyth (formerly of Blazin’ Aces). The songs “Out There”, “Lady Divine” and “Killing Joke” are the initial ground work towards the bands difficult 2nd album, but from the sounds of these three numbers they are well on their way already.

The audience are loving every minute of the bands set as they rock out to tunes like the epic ballad “Lost In Confusion” and the hard hitting “So Unkind”. I’m not sure anyone was quite expecting the finale, the band put on the best uncool Christmas jumpers with matching headwear to perform a couple of reworked Christmas classics which had been thoroughly Rocked up. The more than delighted crowd sang willingly along to “Jingle Bells” and “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”; with the smiling band seemingly enjoying every minute, ending a fantastic hard rocking evening. Looking forward to 2014 Voodoo Vegas are one of the best placed bands to put Bournemouth well and truly on the map and few would bet against them achieving their goal of taking their music to a global stage.

Set List
Mary Jane
Ferry Song
Out There
Lady Divine
Killing Joke
Cheeky Riff
Lost In Confusion
So Unkind
Jimmy Silver
King Without A Crown
Jingle Bells
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town


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Pictures, Videos and Words By Dave “Where’s my festive jumper?” Chinery.