Hello Hawaii

When I listened to “Home” for the first time, I wasn’t sure if I liked it. Vocalist Wesley Bennett has a distinctive voice and the whole album is quite mellow and inoffensive, but I felt as though something was missing. I listened to it for a second time and then a third and suddenly, I got it. The ten tracks are all infused with a kind of low key energy, but it’s the sort of album you would want on your iPod if you’re off on a long road trip. First track “Toy Guns” is upbeat and a great opener, but the second song “Open The Door” is stuck in my head and I find myself humming the tune now having listened to it several times. Other standout tracks for me are “Steel Heart”, “Mexico” and “Teardrops”.

This is chilled out acoustic surf music at its best and I am now keen to see them play live as I think that the tracks will translate well onto a stage with an audience. However, I suspect where this album will really come into its own is at a festival, at sun-down, on an acoustic stage, or at a beach music event. “Home” is proof that music doesn’t have to be loud and in your face to make an impact, this album is packed with ethereal melodies and sensitive, intelligent lyrics. Hello Hawaii just gained a new fan; see you at the next gig!

Track Listing
Toy Guns
Open The Door
Bend ‘n Break
Steel Heart

Line up
Wesley Bennett – Vocals, rhythm guitar
Joe Wilkinson – Drums and percussion
Jake Waters – Bass guitar
Dan Harley – Lead guitar


Contact: hellohawiimusic@hotmail.co.uk

Words By Vikkie Richmond.

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