Saturday Sun

South Coast based Saturday Sun have become local favourites round here. Their laid back sound is one to savour as it washes over you.

“Orixie” is their first full length, following on from their Seagull E.P., and opens with the curiously titled “Something In The Woods”, you are immediately introduced to Saturday Sun in all their glory. Alex’s vocals deftly carry you on a journey of dreamlike qualities and vagaries. Next the album has the beautifully haunting “Seagull” which featured on their EP of the same name, and is one of my favourite tracks of theirs. The acoustic guitar carries the vocals, while accompanying instruments provide a flowing soundscape.

Also from the Seagull is “Borderline”, both this and “Seagull” carry a power and gravitas that betrays the laid back sound you actually hear. While “Blinded By The Truth” is almost operatic in its vocal delivery with it’s haunting piano that naturally flows into a segment; with an electric guitar and drums, and takes on a Pink Floyd feel (only comparison in the review!). There is one final instrumental which caps the album off, but before that the track listing has the closing track as “Whale Song” which leaves you with a feeling of elation as the melodies bubble around the ethereal vocals; although the lyrics paint a different story, closing with “I tried for you” as if they had failed us! Not at all.

I have consciously avoided going through the EP track by track. As each track takes you by the hand, you get to escape that day to day humdrum, for something a little different. There is a certain bleakness I feel to the album, but that also conflicts with the visuals in my mind, as the sun shines through long grasses on sand dunes. Where will it take you?

Saturday Sun

Having received critical acclaim from the press, they have secured tracks on TV and film. Not an easy task, but one that ideally suits their soundscape.

Recording “Orixe” in a variety of locations including a cellar, basement, and derelict school it is easy to understand how they get that haunting feel to their music, especially as the vocals flow over you. The whole album possesses a beautifully haunting quality that ranges from the feel of summer, through to something almost distraught. The lyrics are dream-like, with an ethereal quality covering emotive topics, dream like experiences, and unnamed strangers.

I am not sure of Saturdays Suns ultimate goal or mindset, but the album washes over you as if it was an actual soundtrack. I have played the album a number of times and before you know it, a few tracks have passed by. Not because they are forgettable, but because they are effortless. At times words do not do it enough justice as it comes across as deeply intimate.

Orixe is released on their own label, Viva La Fleetwood, and is be available from bandcamp, and iTunes.

Line Up
Alex Hedley
Billy Merrick
Allan Varnfield
Tobias Fitton

Track Listing
Something In the Woods
I Want A Life For You
Blinded By The Truth
Seeds To The Sun
Down To The Forest
In Your Head
Like A Stray
Singing Logos
Life In The Garden
Whale Song


Words by Jon.

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