Stone Diamond

Released in November “We Stole From The Black Night” was released by the US/German (New York/Cologne) trio Stone Diamond.

Opening with “Love Stays” you are immediately hooked in. I love this opening track; a mixture of bluesy rock, with the guitars giving it a slight Southern feel. This would fit into just about any classic rock playlist. The drum beat and vocals just keep your attention perfectly. “Let It Roll” is just as entrancing, but with everything happening, it almost feels like a big band Classic Rock party. From the drums, all the way to the overriding guitar riffs. “Flavour Of Tears” turns it down a notch with it’s bittersweet after taste. Spiking guitar is let loose in the latter part of the track just to re-affirm the rock edge.

“Tattoo” hits you just as “Love Stays” did, slightly more laid back but carrying a certain power. Things are kicked up a notch or to as the tempo is raised for “Dark Lover”. This is an interesting one-I couldn’t help but be reminded of Japan (and I don’t mean the country!) as the chorus kicks in, the vocal style, the bass line, and the edge that the guitar has. There is a hint of soul, but the rock vibe is still permeating through.

“U Know” slows the proceedings down as the duet Mimi Moo works, both as a play off each other and work well as harmonies. This shows another dimension to their sound with ‘When We Were Young’ slowly raising the tempo back up.

Closing the album is “Long Hard 5 Days”, and leaves the album on a great vibe. The vocals are punchy; the rhythm is spot on, and the punchy guitar work caps it off superbly.

My first impression was that this album was easily accessible rock, albeit with an edge. The vocals on the opening track draw you in – and the drum is paced just right for your heartbeat to get pulled in. Then the guitars are pulling at you, and as you process all of this the chorus washes over you. I can’t help feeling I have heard this before, but I think it is just sounds and ideas that have been pulled together across the album.

Stone Diamond

Now part of me does not want to like this album, I am not sure why. Once or twice I felt it might have been a little cheesy, but then the flip side is that there is something deep in their music-a spirit, a passion. In part I think this might lead to a love/hate approach to the album. But isn’t that what music should do? Fire the soul and passions. Mixing their rock and blues works well and it shows they have worked hard; have crafted their sound, and it is that sound that just envelops you-everything is happening. You can’t help but play it loud in case you miss something. This is a great first album, and superb chunk of classic rock.

Line Up
Cy-Vocals – Bass
Josh-Vocals – Guitar
The Tongue – Drums

Track Listing
Love Stays (feat. Ricky Lawson)
Let It Roll
Flavor of Tears
Dark Lover
U Know (feat. Mimi Moo)
When We Were Young
No Boundaries
Just 4 1 Day
Long Hard 5 Days


Words by Jon.

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